You know how often I have heard this being said towards people. Well, if you are  a Democrat you aren't a Christian. If you have sex before marriage you aren't a Christian. If you end up in jail and claim to be a Christian, you aren't really a Christian.

I have heard all of these things in my life, and it really kind of makes me angry due to the fact that a lot of the time the people who say these things are the Christians. Now, I realize there is that whole thing about saying "Only God can Judge Me." While that is true to a point, if you call yourself a Christian then you shouldn't be spending your time judging those around you. Now, if you call yourself a Christian you are going to be held to a certain standard. You are called to be the light and salt of the world, and if you are acting the complete opposite of that, then you have to question whether you are really living for God, or if you are living for the world.

Being a Christian is hard, you are watched like a hawk and if you slip out of line once people will immediately make comments on you. It's hard to go day to day carrying your own cross, but you really have to think about the impact you are making on the people around you. Now, trust me I have made enough mistakes to last a life time, and I have had my fair share of stones cast on me, but did that mean I wasn't a Christian when I was making those horrible choices? Did I no longer love God with all of my heart, and did God just quit on me? No. You see instead of casting judgement on people when they make mistakes we should really take the time to get to know them, and love on them then once you have built that relationship you can then hold them ACCOUNTABLE. Not cast judgement, but hold them accountable with the love of God.

It's sad that some of the most judgmental people I know are Christ Followers, but when we are constantly casting judgments at people how are we truly supposed to make an impact in their lives (Christian or not)? The more we judge and the more we make comments about others actions in a non Christian way the more they are going to want to run away from us. I mean, look at what's going on in the world around us maybe if we started approaching things differently we would be able to stand in more unity versus people constantly feeling judged.


Published by Bailie Scheer