I saw this on Tumblr, and it got me thinking, What does my fashion taste say about me as a person?

boring? experimental? quirky? trendy?

I'm pretty sure it's none of those.

Recently I've felt more courage to wear whatever I want everyday (not for sixth form because we have a dress code ugh) and I feel that it truly reflects who I am as person. I like to work with what I have and wear what I feel comfortable in.

But why do I still feel setback in my own clothing choices? 

I guess subconsciously, you're always thinking about how other people perceive you. I try to express myself as a person and wear what makes me feel happy.

So why rely on your friends judgments on what you wear when you can make your own?

There's no need for me to fear the public's view of what I wear, when I'm not wearing my clothes for them. It's personal.

It used to be a big problem of mine a few years ago, constantly thinking,

will they think I'm weird?

do I look okay?

what's everyone else wearing?

On non-uniform day I felt such a pressure to dress to impress and fit in, but is that's someone's goal in life? to fit in? I'm not sure, but I definitely don't want to be hidden among a group of people, all wearing the same thing.

That's why we wear the clothes we want.

To be different.

To be expressive.

To be happy.

         So 'Forget The Rules If You Like It Wear it'

hope you enjoyed today's post x


Published by Alex Dawson