When you grow up to a certain age, you start to think differently about, let's say, specific things. The time when you are contemplating if you've done something you've always wanted, or how you've wanted.

If you want to know - Now is the time you can call Your Time. The real period of time you can say yes, I am aware of what I want in life. The time you don't want to feel betrayed again because you want something different now. The fact is, you already left behind people who you never imagined living without. But see? You are still here, alive and kicking! You are wiser now, walking down the street with people who are worth. I hope you've made sure that you've picked the right ones this time.

Even though it is hard, try not to get stuck in your (broken) past, don't try to "re-live" those moments from your memories in your mind again by thinking about it so much. It is painful to say, but those moments will never happen again. That's why you need to cut it off and start to really live and enjoy your life as much as you can. You still have only one life so go through it as comfortable as you want to.

Today, you look around and you are able to see it.

So many opportunities to gain as much courage as you are able to absorb, inhale confidence and exhale doubts, sit alone, but not feel alone at all; and so so many other things in life that are important for you. Simply give your life the exact meaning, like you've always wanted.

Keep traveling with the best feeling on your life path.

Fingers crossed.



Published by Nina S