What colour would you paint it?

Brown for Earth, blue for it’s oceans and sky, green for it grass?

What would you paint?

A round ball with crooked shapes? People perhaps?

Or would you paint a picture of war? A nice painting of the Parliament.

Would it be funky? Would it not? What would it be?




Over the years, I’ve had many different perspectives on society and the world as we know it. Of course when one’s a little kid, the world doesn’t seem like such a scary place to evolve in but once you start to become more aware of what’s happening around you, kicks in your opinions and questions and judgments.

The way I see it, the world (our society), like humans, has many different faces. Theses ‘faces’ can be inferred as the different, numerous human perspectives of the world, if you like.


FACE NUMBER 1- ignorance is bliss.


This is the better world. The world where everything is great and happy and nothing is terribly wrong. No wars, no poverty, no racism no badness. However, there’s a little twist, a veil over the truth because it is not that evil and suffering doesn’t exist in this world; people who decide to live in this kind of reality do not acknowledge the fact that these unfortunate, cruel happenings do occur. They ignore it and choose to be ignorant towards the real world. Or they are simply not fully aware.

There’s nothing they can do. Making the most out of the privileged life they have seems like the better option. Why wouldn’t it be? You’ve been given this wonderful gift that is a good life- maybe an average life- but still a good life. You can live without thinking about food and hunger, why wouldn’t you cherish that and focus on the good in front of you than focus on the bad?

That’s what philosophers and wise wo/men advise. Be positive, think positive, be grateful.

However, the full scope of reality unfortunately isn’t all blissful. So, you could say these people live in a fantasy.

Sometimes, we fall into this world and it’s great. You might spend a couple of days feeling terrible about the current news, thinking deep about how lucky you are and then get overwhelmed and crave to indulge in TV series, celebrities or whatever it is that you like to do. I’m not shaming any of those, I do them myself and sometimes I feel guilty- I feel guilty a lot but it is necessary for a healthy mind.


Reality doesn’t hesitate to slap you back. But being ignorant, consciously making a decision to ignore helps keep the fantasy up and running.

Ignorance IS bliss. They don’t say it for no reason right?


FACE NUMBER 2 - Gotta love politics.


It’s the world of politics, society, citizenship, activism, international relations- all the lot.

Some people religiously follow politics and who said what.

Personally, I think it’s helpful to know what’s going on around the world but honestly, it’s bloody hard to keep up and comprehend logic and sometimes- if I must admit- jargon.

This world is all about negotiation and compromising; making sure the world is doing what it should be doing and making sure people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing as civil citizens, like obeying the law. Essentially, everyone in authority is working for a “better world”. Have to say, most of them are extremely bad at it which is why we have opposing groups who pressure and challenge leading groups into changing their course of actions to suit their better ‘ideals’.

Most leaders aren’t fair. There is always something wrong they do, something they don’t support which they should etc. It changes for each community of people. Consequently, people have to make sure the leaders are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, to create a balance. While some may see this as a “riot” or “rebellion”- which if you really think about it, it ISN’T- this isn’t a bad thing.

For instance, if a politician supports the crime of rape and starts a campaign with a bunch of other psychos, the public would in return start a protest to get the government back on track. I would name a couple of current day politicians who shamelessly support unbelievable ideologies, but that’s beyond the subject of this post.

On the other hand, the government takes actions to keep criminal activity such as gang crime and other unfair situations that’s created in the public.

See, it works both ways.

Not to mention, international relations and… (the list goes on)

So this world is a sort of an anxious world. And an angry world. In this world, we see activists, heated debates and demonstrations. Essentially, it’s all a fight for a better world.


FACE NUMBER 3- What’s the difference between earth and hell?


This world is drowning in cynicism and pessimism. The people in this world see all the bad things in life. Cup-half-empty kinda people. It’s the opposite of face number 1.


“The people are judgemental”.

“People are homeless”.

“People die”.

“People kill each other”.

“Children take drugs”.

“Children die”.

“War is happening”.


All the negative things seem to be somewhat brighter than the positive. How, I don’t know. Or sadly, maybe I do.

But we don’t call the citizens of this world depressed. At least not all of them are. Some of them are the activists we see and the protestors on the street. Some of them, are the people you always see drinking away their problems.




There is a middle, a perfect balance and there are, no doubt, plenty more ‘perspectives’. Maybe I’m just boxing people. I don’t even know where I’d be but I know one thing, the world could do much better.

So back to the real question, what kind of a world do we really live in if it’s a different world for every single person?

Published by Diren Dag