I remember back in high school people telling me being an Artist isn't a real career, you'll never make it, and such. The thing that has stuck with me the most is something my friends dad said to me. "You know there is such a thing as a starving Artist" which there are Artists that spend all their money on their passion. It was more of the way he said it. Kind of pompous with a smirk. My parents were always supportive though. They always told me to go after my dreams. which parents and any adult should do to young people.

Skip forward to tonight at the age of 29 and I was pondering on that line. It's always stuck with me like a splinter that you can't get out. They kind of held me back for awhile because I wasn't confident in my art at the time. I wasn't confident in a lot of aspects of my life really. I finally woke up one day re-positioned my self where the splinter didn't hurt as bad. I thought of myself if you are doing what you love no matter your financial status, are you really starving? If you are doing what you love and your soul is full, almost overflowing with passion. I believe this will keep you from truly starving in a sense.  

To any young striving Artists out there who read this. Go for it, reach for the stars, let your soul spill out on whatever medium is your choice. Most people who try to bring you down and doubt your ability are usually unhappy in their lives! They didn't go after their dreams and are now bitter and don't want other's to reach theirs. I'm sure some do it as a motivational thing to help light a fire under you. However you take it just don't let it hold you back. Either ignore them or use their words like kindling to reach your dreams. They might not come true tomorrow or a year from now because becoming a full time creator takes work. With the day in age we live in though with all the social media tools it's possible to get your work out there. The most important thing is to be present and constant. Post often and be sure to be active with your audience. Whether it's negative or positive. 

Much love!!!


Published by Jason Howell