If you're trying to impress a man, don't. That's my advice. If the guy won't end up impressed, you'll only be left with a broken ego and a messed-up heart. And it feels silly putting on heels, tons of makeup and showing cleavage if that's not the real you. 

If you're the sneakers type of girl, don't start trying on heels for a guy just because he likes women in heels. The same goes for the rest. Don't try to be that girl trying to learn a guy's preferences in a woman then turning into that woman. He will know, sooner or later. And what if you do end up being together, and he learns that you're not the woman he fell in love with?? Then again, you'll end up with a broken ego and a messed-up heart.

I once went on a date with this guy who was more than thirty years my senior. And so what if I didn't land on a second or third date with him? I didn't dress to kill when I went on the date, the mistake all girls make. I feel sorry for those girls who go dressed to the nines. I really don't think it's a necessary step. If the guy really wants you, he will love who you are, even if you wear shoddy shoes! It doesn't matter.

REMEMBER! A baby can't make a man stay; what makes you think your "naturally good looks" is the one that will make him stay???!

Stay safe and always practice safe sex.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo