They say love is blind, but I disagree. Love is all-seeing and accepting.  Love sees all of the flaws and imperfections and accepts them. Love accepts bad habits and mannerisms, finding a way to work around them. Love recognizes fears and doubts, making those insecurities feel protected. Love works through all challenges and pain.

What causes a relationship to end? Money?... Infidelity?... Dishonesty?... Love simply burning out?

So many effects that can cause a relationship to become D.O.A, but recently I have witnessed a new illness that seeps into the veins of love's beating force..

I believe that too many people are "Half-Assing" their relationships. When you are falling for someone, you need to fall for all of who they are, not just the aspects you prefer. Falling in love with another soul means falling in love with all of their positive and negative attributes. You don't get to make a list of what you like about them and assume that as the relationship progresses that you can just change what you dislike.

Love is an insane perfected chemistry of beauty and ugly... dreams and nightmares... agreements and fights... deep conversations creating a deep connection and slammed doors creating moments of frustration... kisses and yelling... but this beautiful chaos that is loves amazing roller-coaster is the best ride you'll ever ride.

Trying to plot a murderous plan of picking about the person you love and rearrange them into your perfect vision will only result in the following... resentment. They will start to become confused as to why you're trying to change the very brilliance that they are and resent you for not loving and accepting them for who they are. You will resent yourself for trying to delete those weird quirks of theirs when in then end, those quirks is a huge part of why you fell in love with them in the first place. Quirks is what makes us all different and frickin' awesome.  The shameful part of all of this is that you wont realize the damage you've done until you're once again single.

Have enough respect to completely love your partner in crime for the quirky soul that they are because that's exactly how they love you. They're not trying to change you into a reflection you don't recognize. Love completely... love 100%... stop half-assing.

50% of anything is failing... Quit failing love.



Published by Derra Sabo