(Intermittent Waves Recorded From the Transformed Heart of a Woman)


Episode 1: BEE


Lying in her hospital bed, in her last moments, Bee dreams of the life she shared with her husband, Merle, at the little marriage chapel. She's standing in front of the bejeweled, lighted mirror, adjusting her Marilyn Monroe wig, when her son, Denny, comes up from behind her, picking her up and sweeping her off of her feet. He had returned home from the army, but now, he says that he must leave again. He gives her a big kiss on the cheek, waves goodbye and disappears, leaving her saddened.

She awakens to the loud beeping of the monitor beside her bed and sees a nurse standing over her adjusting the tubes and cords that have become her connection to life. The nurse checks her watch and documents the event and time on her chart. With the renewed silence, she drifts away, returning to her dreams.

It's morning and Merle is replacing a burned out bulb in the ceiling light fixture of the little chapel. Bee is holding the ladder steady. In walks Luke, the young man, she met in the chapel last night, who gives her a beautiful corsage to wear, smelling of live red roses, that he says will never wilt or die. She smiles and gives him a big hug. The flowers are a delightful change from the old, wilted, left-behind wedding corsages and artificial flowers she usually adorns. Luke gives Bee a kiss on the cheek and walks toward the door.

Merle looks at her surprised and perplexed. She turns to him blushing, folding her hand to her heart and teasingly tells him, "Why that's Luke, my new beau, Merle." Bee gives Merle a playful wink, then, calls out to Luke. As he turns and smiles, she waves goodbye and blows him a kiss. Turning to look up at Merle on the ladder, she finds that Merle has disappeared, too.

The dream repeats itself, as dreams often do, but this time, she is the one waving goodbye to Luke, who is alone in the chapel, on his knees praying, as silent and unresponsive as on the day that she met him. She leans down and whispers in his ear.

"Don't be sad, Luke, Jesus changed everything."

Walking toward the door, she smiles, turns to blow Luke a kiss and disappears.


Published by Mishael T