(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)




If you have been reading this book, then, you know that life is full of the unexpected. The adversary roams to and fro looking for opportunities to spread darkness and use us and others for his purposes. Praise be to God, who has given us His Living Word, Yeshuah, Emmanuel, Christ Jesus, and through the written and living Word of God, we have been equipped with a dossier against the adversary which proves His crimes, indicts him, and condemns him for eternity. He is a defeated foe. Now, in our abundant lives, we have leverage, through the sacrifice and example of Christ Jesus, to use against him any time he stands in our way.


Thanks to the unconditional love of our Father, we have an unyielding force within us to defeat darkness and to overcome that which comes against us and seeks to destroy us. We are more than conquerors. We can conquer the trials and temptations of this world, but, not as individuals. Alone, we can do nothing, but, as One with The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, united through Christ, putting God first in our lives, we, as Children of God, as the Body of Christ, as citizens of The Kingdom, as neighbors, communities, cities, states, nations, and global citizens, can work together to make the world a better place.


Many people wake up everyday feeling as if their life doesn't matter. Their belief may be based on their own insecurities or because of outside forces and influences upon their lives. Each of us has a unique purpose and reason for being alive. Your very life is a given weapon against the enemy because it is full of potential and endless possibilities for the good of the Kingdom. It is reason to want to be alive and stay alive and live life to its fullest pleasing God.


To please God, you must realize your worth to Him. If you are unemployed; retired; disabled; a child; teenager; or senior citizen; an oppressed minority; imprisoned; in conflict or war; living under adverse circumstances, or an undesired situation, wake up each morning telling yourself, that your life has purpose designed by God. Treasure your life and let no one treat it as if it doesn't matter. Your life is priceless.


Knowing how valuable you are to God explains the reason the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy sees us as a grove of trees. He tries to steal our fruit, infect us with the deadly disease of sin, and destroy our roots, so that we must be cut down and thrown into the fire. Think about this: because he is in total darkness, separated from God, Satan believes that in God's eyes he has become so hated by Him that he really doesn't matter, so he mimics God and does the same to us. Still, if he didn't matter, then, why does God use him to His advantage although He has cast him from his presence into eternal darkness? Satan has it all wrong, that is why he is called the sower of confusion. It is typical of the enemy to believe that the hatred which lies within them also lies within those they hate. However, God is not filled with such hatred and if we be of God, then, neither are we. God just tells us that darkness has no place with Light, which means that, evil has no place with good, and hatred has no place with love.


Those who question the punishment of being condemned to darkness have no idea what a tormenting and agonizing condition it is. Their ignorance is just the beginning of hell, for they cannot see that their reasoning is flawed, they have lived their life in vain, and their rejection of God has  denied them the priceless gift of abundant and eternal life.

The tactics of the enemy are designed to make others believe that your life doesn't matter. This tactic is the foundation of the campaign and policy of our current president and administration. In other words, its the oldest trick in the The Book--The Bible. It's the lie that started a rebellion and got Satan kicked out of Heaven.


In the heat of arguments, conflicts, violence and crime,tragedy and dilemma, that is what the enemy is telling us and using others to tell us, especially if we are a minority, person of color, or a different belief. Now, politicians use it against the opposing party and their voters. We hear it coming from our government, in our legal system, on our jobs, even in our places of worship, and within anyone or any circumstance covered in darkness seeking to pull us from the arms of God's Grace and Mercy. How are we to oppose it if we try to deal with it ourselves, apart from our faith? We can do nothing without God and believing in His Word to lead us to conquer the problems of the world.


Never forget that God's Word is ALIVE as is each word that proceeds from God's mouth. God spoke this world into existence. His Word's have power and authority. They are living entities that have affect and effect. In your abundant life, speak Truth, speak Life, thereby, continuing to speak fruitfully to maintain fruitfulness. Abundant life is not the end. It is the beginning of what is to come, for it continues to produce and be fruitful, whereby, comes its name. Hence, it is available to you, right now. Hallelujah!


Yes, we've made mistakes in our past life and in our new life we are not exempt from error. However, through our repentance, through our recovery, we reap the harvest of that which has been planted within to sustain us; for the Living Word of God cannot die. God is with us throughout every mistake, pain and sorrow, every heartbreak, helping us to conquer fear, driving us to go on, awakening us to temptation and holding us up throughout every trial. As we meet every trial and temptation we must never forget that they are not without purpose and it is up to us to choose to make them fruitful. Throughout the story of Auntie Yonny, I have tried to give you examples of this fact.


We must accept our past and choose to make it fruitful in order to move on and endure to the end of this life and to be ready for the next transformation. Old scars from wounds may never fade away, but, they are there to remind us that God has created us to endure and even more, He heals us because He loves us. He enables us to build upon our past, even the tragedies within it.


Yes, I've made Auntie Yonny relevant to the current events of today's world and the political atmosphere we are living in at this time, not only to peak your interests and keep you engaged, but, hopefully to help you to understand why these circumstances exists and how we can overcome them. I could have written the story in many ways with any number of outcomes, choosing from numerous subject matters, for such is life. However, as some of us are striving to live our abundant lives, others are entertaining the idea of abundant and eternal life. They may have had no idea of what it meant to live abundantly. They may have no idea of how to even go about starting to achieve it.


Truth, faith, reality, acceptance, endurance, may have very different meanings to them because their life experience is different from yours or mine. Yet, if, like a visual artist, I can paint a picture of someone's life with words, then, perhaps, they can understand how to begin to surrender their life to God as Hal and Auntie Yonny did. In doing so, perhaps, they will change the life of someone else for the better, as Tanya, Miriam, Arturo, Steve, Jake, Rachel, Zenobia and the lives of so many others changed Hal. Perhaps, they in turn will go on to help change a life which will find peace through their union with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


I am often politely criticized for mixing politics with faith as I prefer to call it, instead of politics with religion; for to me politics and religion mirror one another and are often one in the same. Politics and religion are a practice of the faithless who trust man's laws and rituals over God's Will and Way. Politics and religion arose out of the rejection of faith in God, as when Satan led the revolt in Heaven. You cannot separate politics from religion because it is part of the ongoing battle of man in his failure to chose faith in God.

Both politics and religion engage in the practice of living by temporary agreement and false peace and are in opposition to living by loving your neighbor as yourself, loving God first, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am often politely criticized for my belief in One Way to the Kingdom of God, which has made me ponder the word believe. In God's eyes, the word believe or belief is finite. If you believe in Him, then, you will have no other gods or even believe that you must bow down to other gods. You do not practice belief in God, it must become a part of you in everything you do and say. You must LIVE IT! Those who do not live it simply practice religion, which is a political agreement with God based on their terms.


So in this seemingly complicated world in which we find a plethora of religions, comprised of various denominations, branches and sects, we are drenched by a deluge of values, cultures, ideologies, ethics and policies. How do we approach respecting other's beliefs without being forced to tolerate or cow-tow (bow down) to them? Do we ban people from entering the country who don't believe as we do? Do we fear being overwhelmed by their numbers as the Egyptians became fearful of the Jews, so much that they chose to enslave them? Did the Egyptians have reason to fear for their way of life? Can two or more different beliefs live peacefully together if they do not demand that others adopt their beliefs? This is the challenge throughout the world today and one which should encourage us to stand in God's love for one another.


As I look to the past and the present, God gives me foresight of the future. He uses me to set the pace of resistance and break the backs of His enemies. His Words flow through me to reach and harden their hearts and confound their minds. In their minds they either believe there is no God or that they can have their way against His Will.


It all began with a tree in a peaceful garden. The couple that chose to eat from the forbidden tree lost their ability to be  like God because they chose to believe a lie that they weren't. They saw with their eyes instead of their hearts (spirits). They lost their abundant and eternal life. Then, it took the sacrifice of the chosen Spotless Lamb to open the door to salvation and restoration to their descendants to open their eyes and once again have a relationship with their Heavenly Father.


Yes, we can live with others who are not like us if we have been born again and reunited with our Father in Heaven. Then, our eyes and hearts are open to unconditional love. Our ears listen to follow the ways of our Father, our mouths speak of His love, and our hands help one another and are there for others to hold in times of need.


Abundant life exist within you and will be with you throughout eternity. In this life, never lose sight of Jesus, The Vine; for we cannot be fruitful if we are not connected to Him.

As we live out the days ahead amidst the turmoil of the world, knowing there are people who knowingly and unknowingly have become agents of darkness, let us not condemn; and let us not be filled with hatred or revenge. Yet, let us neither cower nor back down in our belief in holiness and righteousness and unconditional love. We are soldiers of the cross, wearing the Armour of God, standing and holding the line against darkness.

Our voice will be heard, but, even more, the wrath of God within us and the hand of God upon us empowers us to fight for what is right and pleasing in His sight. Not needing to impose our will upon others through laws, lying, cheating, illegal and rigged elections, invading and occupying other countries, imprisoning our opponents and those who speak out against us; using covert operations; hacking computers; gerrymandering; using money; and other unjust actions. These are the acts of small, fearful, and powerless minds who have rejected God and His Word. Our warfare is not carnal.


2 Corinthians 10:1-8 (KJV)

10 Now I Paul myself beseech you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who in presence am base among you, but being absent am bold toward you:

2 But I beseech you, that I may not be bold when I am present with that confidence, wherewith I think to be bold against some, which think of us as if we walked according to the flesh.

3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

7 Do ye look on things after the outward appearance? if any man trust to himself that he is Christ's, let him of himself think this again, that, as he is Christ's, even so are we Christ's.

8 For though I should boast somewhat more of our authority, which the Lord hath given us for edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed:


We are empowered to help change lives through the example of Jesus and the effectiveness of God's Holy Spirit manifested through us.


Remember that what is in the world is for the world. The world is not your home. You are of the Kingdom. You can make a difference in the life of others and in the world if you live each moment abundantly bearing good fruit, and shining God's Light of Love and Truth.


Now, this may sound all cheery and rosy and I apologize if I have misled anyone up to this point. I would be negligent not to inform you of what lies ahead. Is it the end of the world? Not quite. Just remember that your life ends the moment you stop believing in abundant and eternal life.


What lies ahead is the end of life as you knew it in the past. You are living a new life and one that will be unfamiliar to you perhaps for quite some time. Just think about the life of Jesus. Inside of Him he carried our abundant and eternal life. Now, think about how he was treated by the majority of His people. Ah-ha! There you have it. If those in and of the world reject God, then, they will reject you.


You will be tempted to compromise in order not to be alone. There are times when friends and family are around that you will still feel lonely. There are times when you, like Jesus, will want to steal away and talk to your Father alone to be strengthened and comforted.


Yes, your life in the 'world' will be different and most often uncomfortable because you are still living a new and changed life, in a place that is not your home. Although, you will be uncomfortable in the world does not mean you will be uncomfortable with your new life within the Kingdom; for within Christ, you are accepted and so much more. Knowing that you are part of the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, you are not alone. But, how do you react to your friends and family forsaking you? Then, what do you do? Can you carry and bear the cross? Can you stand? Can you endure? What can you do to help to endure?


Your abundant life is effected by your understanding of what joy and happiness really are and who you are. If you continue to base your identity, worth or value as a person on what those in and of the world think, you do yourself a disservice and lesson the quality of life offered to you. Standing alone or with committed others relies heavily on your faith. Is your faith enough to sustain you? At times you may find that it is not enough. However, surrendering and leaning upon God IS enough and will always keep and comfort you.


What can you keep from your old life and what must you let go of in order to keep your hands upon the plow and not look back? These questions lead us into our next journey, where we acknowledge and respond to our being "different" from those in the world and coming to accept that being different does not have to be a bad or difficult thing to be.


Thank you for your fellowship. Pray for me as I pray for you.

Love Eternally,


your servant and soldier, united with the One, through Christ Jesus





Published by Mishael T