(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)


AUNTIE YONNY: Murphy's Law, part 1



Murphy's Law (1942)

 If anything can go wrong, it will.



  • The basic laws of physics fall into two categories: classical physics that deals with the observable world (classical mechanics), and atomic physics that deals with the interactions between elementary and sub atomic particles (quantum mechanics).

  • A physical law or scientific law is a theoretical statement "inferred from particular facts, applicable to a defined group or class of phenomena, and expressible by the statement that a particular phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions be present."


NOTE TO THE PROUD AND ARROGANT: God is not bound by the laws of nature and science. God can change or remove conditions or defy physical or scientific law and altar the outcome.




It was the day Hal's father was due to arrive. He kept reminding himself to stay calm and cool. He hadn't yet accepted the idea that this had to happen and was going to happen...now. 


After a series of text messages, his father agreed to meet for lunch first, when he arrived, at a fancy restaurant, which Hal said was near his job. He omitted the fact that his job was currently at the penthouse in the hospital down the street, watching over his aunt.


Hal asked the waiter for a table near a window looking out on the busy street, so, he could keep an eye out for his father. He sat staring out of the window, nervously tapping the copy of the file that had been shown to him in Mr. Wellington's office as proof of his ancestry and right to his inheritance from the Graves Family. He was glad he was so close to the hospital, just, in case the shock was too much for his father's heart to bear.


He had informed the waiter that he was waiting for another party and given him a brief description of his father. While he was looking out of the window, tapping out a percussionist accompaniment to the music that was playing throughout the restaurant, he felt a hand grab his shoulder from behind. Startled, and on edge, he jumped and turned around, then looked up into the smiling face of his father.


Having not seen him for awhile, Hal noticed the subtle changes in his face and his posture. The salt and pepper hair color which had for so long covered his head in beautiful tight curls had changed to just salt, framing his caramel colored skin. There were more wrinkles merging together and he stood with a slight slumping over from his shoulders. At first sight, his appearance was somewhat frightening for Hal, in that it forewarned of man's mortality. It reminded Hal that even his father would someday be gone from his life. He rose and grabbed his father, hugging him as tight as he could, fearing that if he let go, he would no longer be there.

"Whoa there, tiger! I'm not as strong as I used to be! You're going to squeeze the life out of me! I won't have any strength to eat...well, hopefully that will never happen, again. You know how I like to eat."

Hal loosened his grip. He felt like a little boy wanting to climb up into his father's lap, never wanting the moment to end. He sat down and hoped his father wouldn't notice his teary eyes.

"It's just so good seeing you, dad! A surprise, but, a good one. I missed you."

"I missed you too, son."

"Now, why are we eating at this overpriced restaurant? Is the food any good and are they paying you enough to afford all this, because, I don't have to have all this, if it's going to cause you to be broke the rest of the month. We can leave and..."

"Dad...Dad! It's alright! Just sit down and relax! I've got this! Come on...you're making a scene."

"Oh! You're so highfalutin now, you're ashamed of your old man? Well, I'll show you a SCENE!"


"Dad...Dad! NO! I'm just kidding! You know I could never be ashamed of you! Let's just order some food. We've got a lot to talk about. What's that you're carrying? You didn't have to bring me anything..."


"I didn't bring you nothing! This is for me! I'm old and weak. You're supposed to take care of me, now."


"Dad, you're not old and weak. Look at you. You're still getting around okay."


"Okay? Humph! You don't have to live in this body and try to move it around. But, I did bring something I want you to take a look at." 

David Siegfried, Jr. took out an old journal with tattered corners and placed it on the table, but, before Hal could grab it, the waiter approached the table. Knowing his father's taste, Hal ordered the Repas du jour, the meal of the day. 

"I'm impressed, Hal, but, that food better be good or I'm going to have your behind. You're not too big to whoop, you know."

"I ordered your favorite, Dad. I know what you like. If you don't like it, I'll get something else for you."

"Where are you getting all of this money, son? Since when do you just waste food? We taught you never to waste food or your money. If the food is nasty, we can take it home in a baggy. I can stop at a fast food drive through."

Hal smiled and tried not to laugh. Although, his father always made him laugh, he knew better than to laugh at him when he was being serious.


"Okay! We won't waste the food, but, I guarantee you'll like it. Now, what's this? It's dated August 20, 2017. What happened that month in history?"


"Charlottesville, Virginia, Unite the Right demonstration and murders and Graves showing his true colors as a racist and a bigot. The president of the United States emboldening and empowering the Ku Kux Klan, Alt-Right, White supremacy and other hate groups to wreak havoc on the Left, Democrats, minorities, Christians, Muslims, and Jews. He and that no good Devon Monroe planned to tear the country up and they didn't care how many people got killed, especially not my mother. 


Those Graves are still a prejudice lot of people. You know that one of them has the nerve to run for president after what his great-grandfather did? I hope he doesn't try to start up that race stuff again. I'm old, but, I'll get out there and protest. Yes siree!"


Hal's father clenched his fist and pounded the table. Hal moved the folder under the journal, not sure if this was the right time or the right place to reveal its contents.


"Dad, let's not talk about this now, okay?"


"What?! You don't want me talking about race here in this fancy place? I'm not prejudice, my daddy was white! And, I'm not holding any grudges, but, I'm going to talk about what's wrong and what's right! That Graves Family just ain't RIGHT and that's all that's to it."


"I don't like seeing you upset, Dad. I worry about your heart."


"Okay, son, I'm not upset, but, I didn't come here to depress you or worry you. But, take a look at this. It's one of the volumes from your grandfather's sermon journals. There are boxes of them. I was looking through them trying to decide what to do with them and I decided to bring some along for spiritual guidance...a-a-and I thought that maybe...just maybe, you might want to look at them.  

Matter of fact, they are an excellent historical reference. Your grandfather often based his sermons on what people were currently experiencing in their lives and in the world, in order to help guide them, as a shepherd should. I thought...I thought you could use them in your writing. If dad were here, I know he'd say he wanted you to have them.

Hal took the journal and started leafing through it, then, began reading to himself. The waiter came with coffee and appetizers and his father began helping himself, savoring the food with each bite. Hal was pleased he was enjoying himself.



Pastor David Siegfried, Sr. August 20, 2017


Those who are truly arrogant and prideful lack the ability to comprehend God's moral laws, or the laws of nature, science and physics. They live in a constant state of ignorance and moral torment that can only be described as hell. It is the equivalent of being on fire and being so oblivious to your actual state of being, that you continue to go on acting and believing that you will live forever. When the world alerts you to your peril, you deny that there is anything wrong with you and the problem lies in their blindness and ignorance, not yours.


Small minded people, to their own choosing, have been stunted in growth. Thus, they feel the need to hide behind a particular ideology that magnifies their small minds to make them appear larger, smarter, and more powerful than what they really are.


They are living out the lies that Satan has fed to them. They become part of the scraps under the devil's table that he has fed upon. They are fed a false illusion that they can create, when Satan knows they can only be like him and destroy.


Therefore, everything or everyone they effect become tainted, corrupted, put into bondage, ruined or destroyed. They spend their whole lives in vain, like their master trying to create a new world order because they are incapable of fitting into the real world or stepping outside of their bondage of darkness and facing the Light of Truth and reality.






 Then, Hal's cellphone rang. It was one of his attorneys wanting to discuss a business matter. Hal knew he couldn't take it at the table. He hadn't informed his father about being a Graves, yet. He excused himself and took the call in the lobby.

When he returned, he saw his father slumped over the table, with his head buried in his arms. Fearing the worst, Hal dashed to the table.


People began to get up from their tables to assist him. The waiter and maître d' came running and were about to call 911. They kept asking if it was the food or if he was choking.


David Siegfried lifted his head, tears streaming down his face and looked at his son. Hal saw the folder lying open beneath his arms. Clearly he had seen and read enough to know. Hal wanted to kick himself. Why didn't he think to take the folder?


"Why didn't you tell me, son? Why didn't you tell me?"


His father sat there crying miserably. His body limp, having surrendered to the pain that writhed inside him. All Hal could say was...


"I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry."


He gathered the folder before anyone else saw its contents. He knew they had to get out of there. He definitely couldn't discuss this with his father, now that everyone's eyes and ears were upon them. Yet, at that moment, he was more worried about his father's health than anything else.


He assured everyone that his father would be alright and that he was taking him to get medical care immediately. He threw a large amount of money on the table, which his father eyed in disbelief, then, looked at his son, wrinkled up his face, and returned to sobbing miserably.


"Zenobia, Hal thought, "I'll take him to Zenobia."


He called for his limousine and driver and told him he needed help getting his father out to the car. David Siegfried was a tall and big man. Seeing that his father was of medium height and stature, he must have taken after Willard Graves. The chauffeur came in and between the two of them, they managed to maneuver Hal's father into the limo.


Hal called Zenobia and asked if there was any way that she could meet him at the private entrance to administer medical care to his father. Zenobia said she would post one of her assistants with Tanya and promised that she would be downstairs to meet him.


When they arrived, Zenobia and an attendant were waiting with a wheel chair. She immediately began checking David Siegfried's vital signs.



They placed Hal's father in a room opposite his Aunt Tanya. Zenobia stabilized him and called Tanya's doctor to come and treat his condition. His medical records were transferred immediately to the hospital. David Graves-Siegfried was in good hands and amongst family.




Published by Mishael T