(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)


AUNTIE YONNY: Murphy's Law part 2



Murphy's Law (1942)

 If anything can go wrong, it will.



  • The basic laws of physics fall into two categories: classical physics that deals with the observable world (classical mechanics), and atomic physics that deals with the interactions between elementary and sub atomic particles (quantum mechanics).

  • A physical law or scientific law is a theoretical statement "inferred from particular facts, applicable to a defined group or class of phenomena, and expressible by the statement that a particular phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions be present."


GOD'S LAW: God is not bound by the laws of nature and science. God can change or remove conditions or defy physical or scientific law and altar the outcome. WORD




With his father's health on his mind, Hal forwarded all of his calls to Darla for the afternoon and told her to tell everyone that he was unavailable. The doctor arrived and spent a great deal of time ordering tests for his father and studying them. Hal wanted to talk to him, but, Zenobia told him to be patient.


There was no hiding anything from Tanya Yanovich. Hal had learned about her grapevine and her instincts. As long as she was still alive, she didn't intend to be left out of anything. She sent for Hal as soon as she found out that his father had been admitted to the hospital.


Hal didn't want to have two crises on his hands, so, he made his way to Tanya's room, posthaste.




"Yes, Aunt Tanya, it's me."


"How is your father?"


"H-He's fair. The doctor is still evaluating his tests. Zenobia stabilized him and probably saved his life."


"Zenobia is an excellent nurse practitioner. She should have been a doctor, but, she says she enjoys working closely with patients as their caretaker. At the age of nine, when her mother became ill, she had no choice but to become the caretaker of her mother and five siblings. She continues to help her brothers and sisters. She is a very strong, loving, and capable individual. Your father couldn't have been in better hands."


"I know."


"Try not to worry, Hal."


"I-I couldn't tell him. I was afraid of what would happen. I was ashamed of who I was becoming. I took him to an expensive restaurant. Then...


I was ashamed and guilt ridden for having accepted the money. He...He brought my grandfather's sermon journals...and...and when I read some of it...explaining the reasoning behind Charlottesville..."


"Charlottesville, Hal?"


"Yes, it was a journal dated August 20, 2017, after the first Unite the Right incident. My dad is...was on his way there to visit friends."


"That was a terrible time. I was so ashamed of my father. It is a horrible, ugly feeling inside to be ashamed of your own father. It affects how you feel about yourself."


"Yes, I know."


"Are you ashamed of your father, Hal?"


"NO...yes. I was today. He kept talking about how the Graves Family were racist and how Willard Graves and Devon Monroe tried to destroy the country. He was right. We all know that, but...I mean...he didn't have to say it all out in the open like that in the restaurant."


"That's what we do, right, Hal? We don't talk about that race stuff out in the open. Good manners. Politically correct. We've got to keep that kind of talk behind closed doors."


"Okay, I get what you're trying to say, Aunt Tanya. When you assign shame and guilt to race, you become part of the problem and filled with shame and guilt."


Hal was beside himself, still filled with guilt and remorse.


"There are things that we need to talk about out in the open, Hal, so that evil can't attach shame and guilt to them. So the enemy can't coat them with lies and hatred to use them against us. Go to your father and talk openly with him about what happened in this family. Tell him how you feel. Tell him what you've been doing and why you couldn't talk to him about it. Tell him what the two of you can do together now to make the world a better place.


I know that you feel responsible for his pain and condition right now and the last thing you wanted to do was to hurt him. But, he needs you more than ever, right now. Life is short, even when you try to prolong it. Show your father how much you love him by helping him to heal, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Charlottesville? Oh, my, tragedy isn't the word for what happened and for what my father said and did afterward. What did your grandfather say? Please read me some of it."


Hal went and got the journal and sat close to Tanya's bed reading the paragraphs he had read in the restaurant.



"He's talking about my father and the queen Monroe. That describes their character. My father and Devon Monroe were like a child wanting their own way and ready to topple the whole world to try and get it. They were people so detached from humanity and God, that they saw themselves as gods; gods of only one race, believing their right to supremacy. 


Monroe believed he was a master strategist able to outsmart the One True God, when he, himself had been outsmarted by Satan, whom God sent His human Son to defeat on earth, after God had already defeated and cast him out of Heaven. No the self-made queen wasn't smart at all or a master strategist. He was on the wrong side from the beginning, which had already lost. He wasn't smart enough to know that man can never be smarter than his Creator. People like them are without wisdom; people who have been blinded from seeing that intelligence, wisdom and power comes from Yahweh.


Monroe's words had no real power, but, were tools of Satan placed upon his tongue to destroy. For those who speak TRUTH, the power of God is released from Heaven to increase the Kingdom!"


"You don't sound like a Jew, Aunt Tanya."


"I was a Christian first, then, an Orthodox Jew, now, thanks to Zenobia, I am a Messianic Jew, praise God! Zenobia has been with me for many years and during those years, she has opened my eyes and awakened me to The Truth, The Way, and The Light! I still have a long way to go as a Believer, but, I know that my Father knows my heart. Oh, well...


No, Monroe was not smart at all. He couldn't see that God created ALL men in His image and equal. He loves us all and protects the righteous."


"You don't talk about Devon Monroe, often. Why is that Aunt Tanya, when he played such a huge part in the fate of the administration and the nation?" 


"Well, I'm sure he didn't play the part that he wanted to play."


Tanya attempted to laugh, but, began to cough and had to quiet herself and steady her breathing.


"No, Hal, I don't speak of Monroe, the queen, very much.  Who was Devon Monroe? He was a simple equation: Tunnel vision caused by pride and arrogance equals failure equals The Queen, Devin Monroe. He was detestable and I was glad when he left the White House!


Yes...definitely...I see him as a small child not unlike my father. Two little boys cowardly huddling in the corner of their small and narrow minds, afraid of the world, closing their eyes and make-believing they are strong and powerful, wise and loved by all.


While they were so busy being proud, arrogant and full of themselves, they failed to see THE PLAN of THE MASTER."

"And, what was that?" asked Hal.

"The Purging and Weeding-Out of those fallen to the Moral Decay in America. My father was Monroe, Putin, and Satan's tool, but, they all were being used by God.

And, how did God implement His plan? He took a magnifying glass and magnified the problem, exposing us all.

Then, He kept the magnifying glass there upon us, allowing the Son, The Truth, The Way and The Light to beam down through it, heat it it up, starting to burn it until it began to smoke and people paid attention trying to find the fire. Then, those people enjoying being magnified, began to stink, not knowing they were on fire. They denied it was them. But, the Truth turned up the heat and our lies couldn't save us because we were engulfed in flames. We couldn't, (not even Devon Monroe)...We couldn't blame it on someone else or laugh it off, saying that we could beat it because we're so smart.

Monroe wanted to keep people talking about race to beat the Democrats. He thought he could use the media and them to do his dirty-work, then laugh and say, "that's what I like to hear!" No, this time the joke was on him and Satan had the last laugh.

No, Monroe wasn't smart enough. He chose the wrong words which had no power. Then, the Word of God, like Moses' snake swallowed them up.


Published by Mishael T