(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)




Derek Graves, by choice was still a bachelor, although, he had been advised to get married before he started campaigning to make him look more stable, conventional, and family oriented, as a presidential candidate. He was a handsome man and he knew it. With wealth, status, and looks, he was confident in his ability to get anyone he wanted, when he was ready. If someone would have told him that he was in bondage, a prisoner to sin, he would have laughed in their face.


Meanwhile, he used women the same way he used the stock exchange--wisely and frequently, making sure he always profited and got his money's worth. He was always on the lookout for new stock for his portfolio and his eyes never failed to spot a prime investment. Needless to say, Derek, never let anything stand in his way when opportunity presented itself, not even at Miriam's funeral.


If she would not have been at Miriam's funeral, perhaps, just perhaps, things might have worked out differently. But, Rachel was a good reporter who never let anything stand in her way when opportunity presented itself. So, there was Rachel, standing in the crowd of reporters, working her way towards Derek Graves. Her hair was tousled from the wind and her face showed sheer determination, but, Derek could tell that she was prime stock.


He asked one of the other reporters, "Who's that red-headed reporter coming this way?"


"That's Rachel Montgomery from The Daily."






Rachel never felt the chains of bondage when they were placed around her. She just woke up lying next to Hal in his bed. It was hard for her to remember when, but, sometime during the night, they had taken a break, went inside, and climbed into bed. She was still feeling groggy, but, she knew that she had to get up and get to The Daily bright and early to stay on top of the morning news. She slid out from under Hal's arm, without rousing him from his sleep. She quickly showered and hoped she had time to go home and change clothes.


Climbing into the warm shower, she held onto the memories of last night. What she felt with Hal had been sheer ecstasy. Then, she remembered, that her usual routine in the morning was to pray and read a scripture. But, she loved Hal.


She began to pray and tears began to stream down her face. Sinking to the floor of the shower, she leaned against the shower wall, with her knees drawn tightly to her chest. She rested her head upon her knees hugging her legs tightly, angry at herself for giving into her flesh, but, at the same time, cherishing the feelings she had for Hal and what they had experienced together.


She was conflicted and experiencing feelings of shame and guilt that she knew were not of God. She knew that she wouldn't be having these feelings if she had acted as a child of God and followed His Will and Way. She knew that she didn't want to go on feeling this way, but, she loved Hal.


Throughout her suffering, the questions remained in her mind, "Would she continue to put her love for Hal above her love for God? With Hal keeping her at bay and out of his life, how could she love both of them the right way?"


She heard a voice within her telling her that if she really loved Hal, she would obey God and wait. She didn't want to wait. She needed and wanted Hal, now. She thought about Natalie Tiledeler making moves on Hal and continued to agonize over being with Hal intimately. Was she living in fear? Would pleasing herself and Hal come before pleasing God?


She asked herself if she could talk to Hal about her feelings, without making him feel guilty and ashamed also. Would he resent her? Would he resent making love to her? Would she lose him?


Suddenly she realized that she was pressed for time. Pulling herself off of the floor, she prayed and asked God for forgiveness and strength. But, could she forgive herself? Would she be strong enough to resist next time? Perhaps, she should stay away from Hal, but, that's not what she wanted.


Before, she could ask herself anymore questions, she hurried to finish her shower, dried off, got dressed, left Hal a note, kissed his cheek and hurried to get to the elevator. There was no time to stop home for fresh clothes. She'd have to go straight to The Daily. Of course, much to her dismay, she knew that throughout the day, she would be repeatedly asked by someone who remembered that she was wearing the same clothes from the day before, if she had stayed and worked all night.


Rachel walked into her office and sat at her desk. Lying in the middle of her desk was a memo from her boss. It read:




Tiledeler's old newspaper, The Tribune, has had the lead story for about a week now. Your boy, Hal, is acting as editor and trying to put us out of business. I thought he was going to be working for us, not against us. We're in a tough and rare business in this day and age. Keeping up or running a close tie won't do it.  You said you didn't want to be stuck behind a desk, so, get out there and put us back on top.


Ed Haskins

Editor in Chief, The Daily"




Rachel wanted to scream. She had let her feelings for Hal catch her off guard and interfere with her work.


"How could Hal do this to me," she screamed inside of herself, "and...and..with that prissy Tiledeler girl, that vixen...that controlling Jezebel...who...? AAAH!!! "Is this one of the things he's not man enough to tell me about?" 


Then, taking a deep breath to calm herself, she started to pray. After five minutes of prayer she felt better. On her desk was a calendar with daily scriptures. She read the scripture for the day.


Philippians 4:13(KJV)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Then, it came to her. There was a story that she could get that the Tribune couldn't. She opened her top desk drawer and pulled out the business card Derek Graves had given her, promising a private interview. "I'll give you a story, Ed, and Tiledeler's Tribune will eat dirt, when I fly past them and leave them in the dust."




Hal awoke expecting to find Rachel beside him, but, she was gone. He could smell her scent on the pillow she had slept on. He grabbed it and the note on top of it which read:


"We didn't do much talking. lol Hope to talk to you tonight. I love you, Hal"


Hal hugged the pillow, that smelled of Rachel's fragrance remembering the night they had spent together. He wished that Rachel could be beside him every night.


He turned on the television to hear the news just in time to catch a short documentary on Willard Graves. He opened the door to get the morning paper off of the floor and saw a huge spread on Willard Graves, entitled, "THE PRISON YEARS."


Tanya had told him very little about her father and husband going to prison, except that it was hard on them both. She was able to get probation, and later her father, due to his illness, was given a commutation of his sentence, which allowed him an early release and the ability to spend his remaining days in hospice with his family.


The article in The Daily newspaper read as follows:

Today, we remember the sentencing of impeached President Willard Graves. Below are two articles The Daily published about his entering the penal system.


by Stanley Allerman, The Daily, September 6, 2019


Willard Graves is due to start his sentence in federal prison by the end of September, 2019. Federal prosecutors have not disclosed the location of the prison where he will serve out his time.  Graves was sentenced on July 15, 2019, after lengthy hearings in Congress and a grand jury. Former President Graves, who was impeached and arrested on March 21, 2018, was indicted on 22 state and federal charges, which dealt with crimes crossing state and international boarders. His charges were reviewed by a federal grand jury assembled by special prosecutor, Wheland Watermill. His son-in-law and daughter are expected to join him in incarceration after their sentencing in October, 2019.


While, we suspect that Willard Graves will be taken to one of the white-collar crime prisons, prosecutors have long voiced their concern about the inadequate security of a medium, low, or minimum security prison facility. Prison administrators and governors have expressed their concern for retribution against Graves from fellow inmates and outsiders having knowledge of Graves' where-a-bouts.


Mayors and law enforcement authorities in cities surrounding the prisons have expressed extreme disapproval of bringing such a high profile prisoner into their jurisdiction and fear that it will cause civil unrest, which may result in rioting, looting, property damage and loss of life. All have adamantly protested taking on the responsibility for Graves' safety and the added expense to secure their cities.


Federal prosecutors have suggested housing the prisoner in a military prison until a secure and acceptable location can be arranged. Several federal prisons are located on military bases, however, there is no guarantee that one of these lower security prison camps will be selected.




by Nikki Hinesman, The Daily, September 2029


After serving ten years of a twenty-five year to life sentence, Willard Graves' and his new attorneys are continuing to try to have his sentence lifted, claiming that , Wheland Watermill and his team were biased and working for Democrats, who instructed him to plant false evidence and paid jurors to indict him. These statements have already been proven false and the overwhelming evidence and statements given by witnesses have more than proven that Graves, along with others in his campaign colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election; accepted Russian and other foreign contributions to his campaign; money laundered; committed tax fraud; obstructed justice; lied to Congress,the Special Prosecutor and grand jury; and many other felonious crimes.


Meanwhile, Graves' attorneys also claim that he should be given parole for good behavior. However, wardens in four prisons have said that Willard Graves is less than a model prisoner. He continues to lie to guards and has been removed from the regular prison population because he instigates fights among his inmates and has been blamed for inciting at least two prison riots since his stay. He has been moved from prison to prison, not only for his protection, but for the protection of the other inmates influenced by his behavior. Moving Graves from prison to prison and preparing each of these facilities has been at a tremendous cost to taxpayers.


Guards at each institution where he has been incarcerated state that Graves is a constant complainer and expects special treatment and attention. He was immediately banned from sending messages on social internet sites due to their highly inflammatory and deceptive content.


Early on, Graves requested visiting permits for Vladimir Putin and other Heads of State, whom he claimed were his close friends. To date, none of them have come to visit him. His visitors have been limited to his immediate family due to his breaking prison rules and conspiring against the prisons and the government. He has spread numerous lies to outside authorities, complaining about treatment and conditions within the prisons.


Reliable sources within the penal system state that Willard Graves, has suffered frequent panic attacks, anxiety and chronic depression. He suffers from physical illnesses which are said to be psychosomatic, therefore, he is treated with psychotropic drugs to calm him and keep him quiet.


Golf is a pastime and luxury that the former president most certainly misses. His typical day in prison entails the following:


06:00 a.m........wake-up call, shower

07:00 a.m........breakfast

07:30 a.m........work duty

11:30 a.m........lunch

12:30 p.m........work duty

04:00 p.m........head count, mail call

05.00 p.m........dinner

06:00-10:00 p.m..free time

10:00 p.m........head count

11:00 p.m........lights out


In the past, Graves' attorneys have tried numerous ways to get him transferred to a psychiatric facility where he would be more comfortable and have more liberties, claiming their client is mentally unstable. Graves was even said to sit on his bed texting on an invisible phone. However, doctors soon discovered that it was just a hoax. They are continuing to observe Graves and psychiatrists are still arguing if Graves can be diagnosed as legally insane.


Wardens have warned that allowing Graves' parole would endanger the nation as he is still an iconic figure to many people. Warden Zachary Keiler, his current warden stated:


"Releasing Willard Graves upon the general population today would be like letting a fox loose in a hen house. Willard Graves is old, but, he's still a danger to society. On the other hand, there are people out there who would shoot him on sight and millions of people who would look the other way or protect the shooter. Either way, we're doing him and the world a favor by keeping him locked up."



Published by Mishael T