(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) 





Rachel was to meet Derek Graves in a well-known, highly rated restaurant after work. She didn't mind, since she had skipped lunch that day, but, was hoping that afterward they could go somewhere quieter and more private where she could interview him properly. Derek told her that they could go to Graves Tower after dinner and finish the interview.


Knowing the atmosphere and dress code of the restaurant, Rachel knew that she had to go home and put on something more appropriate. She had a form fitting, spaghetti strap, black, cocktail dress that was perfect for the occasion; not too dressy and not too casual.


Derek said that he was sending a car for her at six-thirty, so she barely had time to put her hair up and apply her make-up. She couldn't help feeling like royalty, arriving in a chauffeur driven limousine, being escorted to the door by the doorman and then, to Derek's table by the maître d'. 


Derek Graves stood up when he saw Rachel approaching his table. He was looking dashing, as they say in the movies and ready to pour on his charm. That night, he was oozing with charm, especially for Rachel. Having had lots of practice, Derek had polished his game and knew just how to make a woman feel real special. Knowing how badly she needed the story, Rachel, made no objections. The sting from Hal's betrayal was still burning in the back of her mind, so, she played right into Derek Graves' hands.



Derek stood with his arms stretched wide, waiting to embrace her, smiling and shaking his head as in disbelief.


"Rachel, Rachel...you are...you are...stunning! I am honored to be in the presence of such ravishing beauty. Tell me anything that you desire tonight. Your wish is my command."


"Thank you Mr. Graves."


"Oh, no, no, no, my dear. Call me Derek."


"Derek, thank you, and my wish is for a good story for my newspaper."


"Anything, anything for you my dear. I'm all yours tonight, but, let's start out with a tasty cocktail to wet our lips and soothe our throats. What will you have, my love?"


"Well...I...I..don't really drink a lot, just..."


"Then, just a virgin drink. I'll order for you. Just wait, you'll love it. Waiter!"



"Okay, but, I am hungry. I worked through lunch..."


"Now, we can't have that. A lovely woman like you shouldn't be working so hard. I'll have to talk to your boss. Would you like to order now?"


"No, I mean yes, I'd like to order, but, please don't talk to my boss."


The waiter came over and Derek ordered drinks and his favorite dish for each of them, first asking if Rachel liked seafood. She nodded politely.


"He's a slave-driving, son-of-a-gun, huh? Well, maybe I'll be able to steal you away from a life of drudgery. A woman like you should be put on a pedestal and worshiped."


"Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love journalism. It's just that I'm under the gun right now and..."


"You'll have to tell me all about it and let me help you forget your misery and stress, but, tonight, let's just celebrate our new friendship."


"I'd really like to get started on the interview."


"Fine, but no taping."


"Okay...uh...Could you tell me what inspired you to go into politics, especially considering the history of your family in politics?"


"I am the people's candidate. The people need me to inspire them and this country to greatness."


"Isn't that the same line your great-grandfather used to run on?"


"Yes, but, he didn't represent the majority of the people, like I do. People see me as they want to become."


"And what would that be?"


Derek laughed.


"You are persistent and relentless, aren't you? I like that."




"People see me as fearless. -Not afraid of what the future holds. -Not afraid to take risks to get what I want in life. America needs someone not afraid to lead it into the future, prosperity, and domination."


"You sound like a dictator. Do you plan for the United States to dominate other nations?"


"No, darling, you misunderstand. I plan for the United States to dominate the global economy."


"Isn't that the same thing?"


The expression on Derek's face turned hard and cold as he looked at Rachel. His tone was icy as he spoke to her.


"Let me get you just one small little drink to take the edge off.


Before Rachel could object, Derek called for the waiter who was already on his way with the drinks they had ordered. He ordered a mixed drink for Rachel and asked the waiter to bring out a light, white wine to go with the meal.


"Come, dear, drink up."


Nervously, Rachel began to sip on her drink, which was slightly sweet, fruity, and tangy. Derek was right, she loved it.


"Let me tell you a little about myself, Rachel. Unlike many of my relatives, I have worked hard to get to where I am. Yes, I had money to help, but, I never left all of the work to someone else. I like to know a business from the bottom up.


Do I know about politics? Yes! Do I know about legislating? Yes! How do I know? Because, I learn from other's mistakes and I just don't sit on my money or my behind.


I've spent some time on Capital Hill working with politicians in all parties. Unlike Willard Graves, I've studied the presidency and the balance of power between the presidency, legislative and judicial branches.


I don't surround myself with Simon Says Idiots like my great-grandfather did, who will say anything and do anything I want them to do. I stick with the facts and make them work for me. I don't need alternative facts, LIES, as a tool and a weapon to protect me. I possess a hard drive to succeed and the people around me are driven hard to meet my standards of success.


Unlike my bumbling great-grandfather, I am articulate, poised and sophisticated. I have studied the political systems and problems of other countries, I speak four languages and stay apprised of foreign affairs.


I don't have to berate people, go to war with the media, my own party, the FBI, or any other government agency. I don't blame other people for my mistakes and I don't mind apologizing.


I don't have to lie about being a great deal maker, hide my taxes, or beg for money from foreign governments. Neither am I working as a foreign agent or a traitor to my country. I have no ulterior motives to destroy our government institutions, democracy, or to make myself richer, give outrageous tax breaks to the rich, or use my position to make business deals with national and international businesses."


"So, what you're trying to say is that you're not you're great-grandfather, Willard Graves?"


" Yes, exactly! I AM NOT HIM! I have realistic expectations, sound ideology, and policies for myself, my party, and the nation, based on hard data, not anything concocted by some committee I've paid and sent out to prove voter fraud or disprove climate change.


We're not making anything up as we go along and lying to the people to cover it up. We have written policies and members of congress ready to present bills to implement our policies.


I care about the lives of others and don't see them as disposable during war, just because I want to be a bully, set off nuclear bombs, and look like a big man in charge..."


Rachel had her head down writing as much as she could, since Derek didn't want to be taped, but, suddenly, she looked up at Derek and asked,


"And, what about race relations? This was a key issue during your great-grandfather's administration."


"My dear, must we go down that dark, daaark alley? Since the second civil war, white supremacist groups have been categorized as terrorists."


"Yes, but, I'd still like to know where you stand on race relations and the current amendment proposed to the immigration bill?"


"I support what is best for the country."


"And, what would that be?"


"Here comes our food. I know that you're hungry. Let's eat and finish later. Make sure you have some of your tasty drink I ordered for you."


When they left the restaurant, Rachel was feeling woozy from the drink Derek had encouraged her to keep drinking and the wine during dinner. Her legs were weak and wobbly. Derek and the doorman helped her into the limousine. Her speech was slurred and she was having trouble keeping her eyes open.


"Take me home, please, I'm not feeling well."


"Nonsense, Rachel, you're just a little tipsy, that's all. You're not used to drinking. Don't you want to finish the interview?"



"I've got to go to church tomorrow. I need to sleep."


"I'll take you to Graves' Tower and you'll feel better after a nap."


Rachel started laughing and pointing her finger at Derek.


"No, I know what you want and you're not going to get it. Take me home or let me out. I'll walk or catch a cab. There goes a bus. STOP BUS DRIVER! I've got to get home and give Hal a piece of my mind."


Derek was startled.


"Hal? Hal who?"


"Hal Siegfried. He used to work for me but he's a traitor. He said he loved me, but, I don't believe him. I'm going to tell him I don't want to see him anymore, but, you've got to take me home first. Okay?"


"Okay, Rachel, I'll take you home. I'll call you tomorrow and we can pick up where we left off."


"Okay, Erek, I mean Derek. You're a good guy, not like Hal."


The limousine parked in front of Rachel's apartment building. Rachel got out of the car and wobbled on her legs and high heels. Then, she gave a big heave from her throat and threw up all over the sidewalk.


Derek instructed his bodyguard to pick Rachel up and carry her. Rachel was feeling too sick to put up any struggle or to object. They found her keys and opened the door to her apartment. Derek took her shoes off and his bodyguard put her in the bed and covered her up.


As they left the building, Derek was giving orders to his bodyguard.


"I want that women, followed. Put one of your guys on her. I want to know where she goes, what she does, and especially if she sees Hal Siegfried. Do a thorough back-ground check on her and her family. See who she associates with and what church she goes to. Let me know what she likes, what she doesn't like, what she has and what she doesn't have. I want to know everything about her. I want that woman." 














Published by Mishael T