(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) 







David Siegfried had gotten used to waking his son up in the morning again and was about to knock on his son's bedroom door, when the door suddenly flew open and a woman bumped into him and fell into his face. He steadied the wheelchair and held onto her until she regained her balance. 




"Are you alright ma'am?"


"Oooo...Y-yesss, I think so."


Rachel felt excruciating pain in her shins where her legs had hit metal. Bending down and rubbing her legs, she could tell there would be bruises.


"I'm so sorry. I didn't know Hal had company. Are you sure you're alright?"


"Yes, thank you. It's not you're fault. I shouldn't have been in such a hurry. You wouldn't have known I was here. You were probably asleep when we came in from outside late last night."


"I didn't know Hal had went out."

"Oh, no. He didn't. I came here to see him. We were out on the rooftop."


"You want to go sit down and have the nurse check out your legs?"


"Nooo, I don't have time."


"Forgive me for being rude. I'm David Siegfried, Hal's father. And, you are?"


Rachel was still wincing and reeling from the pain.


"Rachel Montgomery, sir...uh...nice to meet you."


Rachel stuck out her hand and shook Hal's father's hand.


"You must be the girlfriend Hal mentioned."


"Well...I-I uh, guess so. We used to work together at The Daily. I was his boss, but, we dated before then, before I was his boss, that is."


"I am pleased to meet you, Rachel. You are a beautiful woman. Please come back so we can get to know one another."


"Thank you, sir. Yes, I will. I'm sorry I can't stay. I have to get to work and I don't have much time."


"I didn't mean to keep you. You go on, now. Don't be late for work. Have a blessed day."


"Thank you. You too, sir...goodbye." 


"Bye, Rachel."


As she hobbled towards the elevator, Rachel sighed and shook  her head. She was extremely embarrassed. What a way to meet Hal's father for the first time, coming out of his son's bedroom early in the morning and colliding with him.


David Siegfried watched Rachel get in the elevator, then, returned to his room, shaking his head.






Rachel and Hal's father's first meeting had been nothing other than disastrous. She told him she would be back to visit, but, two days later, she left a message for Hal, telling him that his working with the Tribune had threatened to ruin The Daily and get her fired from her job. Her last words had been that she didn't want to see him again. 


She hadn't seen him or his father in a little over three months. Now, David Siegfried was standing in the front line of the protestors at Derek's campaign rally, a nurse on one side, behind his wheelchair and a bodyguard on the other side, helping to hold him up, while he waved his homemade sign and leaned upon his cane. Rachel knew it was him. How could she forget that day and the night before? It had changed her whole life.


Moving over to the protestors, Rachel decided to interview Hal's father.


"Sir, I'm Rachel Montgomery from The Daily. I'd like to get the perspective of some of the protestors. Would you mind telling me why you're here today?"


David Siegfried didn't recognize Rachel at first. He was too busy yelling with the rest of the protestors. Then, he looked long and hard at Rachel.


"Rachel? Rachel? I remember you. You were coming out of Hal's room."


Rachel hung her head.


"Yes sir, that was me."


"How are you doing Rachel?"


"I'm fine, sir. How's your son?"


"Oh, that big head is alright. I'm sorry things didn't work out between you two."


"I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Can I interview you for The Daily?"


"Sure, go right ahead."


"Tell me why you're out here protesting against Derek Graves today? What issues...what issues..."


The man beside her had opened a bag and started eating a salami sandwich. Rachel could feel herself getting more and more nauseous until she couldn't hold it back. She ran to a corner where no one was standing and began to regurgitate until there was nothing else to throw up, only dry heaves causing her to double over. 


She turned around and standing behind her was David Siegfried. He helped her stand up, looked her straight in the eyes and asked,


"Is it Hal's?"


Rachel shook her head yes and broke down into tears. Hal's father grabbed her and held her close, comforting her. He didn't know what to say, but, being who he was, he made light of the matter.


"Don't feel bad, Hal made his mother throw up, too. She was sick all nine months. He just has that effect on people. Sometimes, I just look at him and tell him, "Get out of my face, boy. You make me sick." 


Rachel tried to laugh, but, ended up crying again. David Siegfried was coming unglued himself and about to cry.


"It's not your fault, Rachel. This baby is probably a chip off of the old block. Come on, honey. Let's go sit down somewhere and I'll get you some ginger-ale to calm your stomach."


Knowing he had plenty of ginger-ale and snacks stashed in the limousine, he took Rachel into the limousine and made the chauffeur, nurse, and bodyguard stand outside so that he could talk privately with Rachel.


After drinking the soda, Rachel's stomach felt better, but, she couldn't stop the tears from flowing from her eyes. She was so embarrassed in front of Hal's father for what she had allowed to happen. Watching her tremble, he sensed her shame.


"Don't be embarrassed or ashamed, sweetheart. Don't let the devil have the victory. Listen, God brings people into this world. The devil can't create a thing. Now, if God wants that baby to come into this world, it will come."


Nervously, he kept pulling out tissues and putting them in Rachel's lap. Rachel grabbed the whole pile and buried her face in them.


"Now, now, you're going to hurt yourself. Take some deep breaths and lay your head down."


Rachel laid her head against his chest and began to breathe deeply. 


"I-I-I...j-j-just...w-wanted to love him."


"I know, baby. It's okay. God knows your heart. Shhh. It's alright."


David held Rachel until she had calmed down.


"Now, listen, honey. I'm not going to let you go through this by yourself. We're going to see that you have everything you need. Have you been to the doctor? Is the baby alright? Did he say you can keep working?"


Rachel nodded her head yes.


"Good, now we'll tell Hal..."




Rachel started howling and sobbing again. David wished he hadn't mentioned Hal's name.


"Well, okay, honey, but, he's going to have to find out sometime or another."


"I know. Please, just not today. Please let me tell him. I will, but, not today."


"Sshh, I'm not going to force you. I'll keep my mouth shut, but, the sooner you tell him the better you're going to feel. You can't hold all of this inside of you. You'll hurt yourself and the baby, too. Will you come to the house tomorrow morning around ten? He'll be home then."


Rachel balled up the tissue and blew her nose. 


"Okay, I'll come tomorrow. Are you going to be there?"


"Yes, dear. I'll be there to support you."


"Good. Thank you."


"Can we take you home now?"


"No, I'm working. I'll be alright."


"Are you sure?"


"Yes, thank you, Mr. Siegfried."


Rachel got out of the limousine, put on sunglasses and went back to interviewing protestors. David Siegfried rolled down the window and told his caretakers that he was ready to go home.







Published by Mishael T