(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) 





Tanya entered the bank vault carrying a steel briefcase. She had been careful not to let anyone know where she was going and made sure that she hadn't been followed. She waited until the bank manager had left the room and unlocked the briefcase.


She pulled out several files, two small boxes, and a larger box. Removing her sunglasses, she checked the content of the files again and assured herself that everything that needed to be in them was there. 


The files had kept her out of jail. She had leverage whenever she needed it and intended to use it again, if she had to. Things had gone haywire after her father was impeached and she knew she had to do something to help herself. 


John had been in too deep, taking too many risks, throwing them into extreme debt. Sure, she would feel the brunt of it and the loss, but, she would still come out on top. She had made contacts in Russia, too, and the information they gave her was priceless.


She opened her safe deposit box and quickly placed the contents of the briefcase inside. Taking a deep breath, she smoothed her dress around her hips and put on her sunglasses to leave the vault.






Cardinal Vinalli had been instructed to set up a secret meeting between the leaders of the Western alliance and the Pope. He had no idea what the Pope intended to meet about, just that it was highly confidential.


He knew that matters were very grave in the United States and that war with North Korea was imminent. No doubt, it would result in World War III. So, the Cardinal was sure that the Pope was intending to do everything that he could to prevent the loss of millions of lives.


As an eminent and powerful, global figure, the Pope could definitely have influence to curtail events, or alter the course of actions. 


Yet, there was one stipulation in the Pope's instructions that the Cardinal didn't quite understand. No one in the United States was to attend the meeting or have knowledge of the meeting and he was to make this fact very clear to the invited Heads of State.






Republican Party leaders met secretly one evening in the home of the Senate Majority Leader. They were in dire straits. The president no longer represented their party and he had done irreparable damage to the party's image. Now, he was uncontrollable, lashing and acting out, as if to do as much harm and damage to those who opposed him as possible and destroy the nation. 


The Russia investigations were going fast, but, not fast enough. No one in the party intended to do anything to jeopardize themselves by offering information that would bring them to a conclusion.


The president had continued to embolden white supremacists groups and stoke the fire for violence and unrest. People were being attacked, beaten, and murdered. He had to be stopped and soon, without putting their own political careers in jeopardy.


However, they needed help to stop the president and didn't want to involve any government agencies. That was a mistake which men in the past had made in American History. No, they would seek help from their Western allies. A call was made to the Pope. They felt that if anyone could convince the nation leaders that breaking the assassination rule was absolutely necessary at this time, it was the Pope. But, would he do it? They laid out their proposal and the perilous conditions that the world was facing due to this one man and awaited his answer.


The Pope's answer came by way of a small package containing a crucifix, inscribed with the Pope's signature and the date, and a note signed by him with one word written upon it--YES.










Published by Mishael T