(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)





"SIEGFRIED! You've got a visitor. Let's go, old man!


"Yes, officer..."


"Come on, I don't have all day."


"Do you know who it is? It's not visiting hours. Is it my attorney?"


"Listen...They don't pay me enough to keep tabs on everybody. All I know is that it's some guy in a suit and they sent me to get you."


"Thank you, officer. It must be my attorney."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah...maybe he'll take you with him, so I don't have to listen to your yappin'.


"I have a neighbor back home who's a police officer. He's a real nice guy. He used to tell me the craziest stories about the calls he went on and the arrests he made. Every Sunday that he wasn't working, he'd be the first one to show up at church. One day I asked him, "George, why are you always the first one here? He looked at me and said, "Every day I go to work, I don't know if I'll be coming home, but, each time that I do, I know it was God. During my time on the force, I've seen men gunned down, beaten down, and die from illness. Some people think that they've beaten the odds, but, I know I'm here because of God. You wonder why I'm the first one here? The answer is, why should I be last? God has always been on time for me."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah...nice story. Just sit down and talk to your visitor."


"God loves you, officer and he's going to make everything alright if you just lean and depend upon him. Wait, officer, I don't know that man."


"Sit down, Siegfried!"


"Hello, are you with my attorney?"


"No, Mr. Siegfried. Let me introduce myself. I'm Christopher Holland, an attorney for Mr. Derek Graves, whom I'm sure you're familiar with. You were at his campaign rally when you were arrested."


"Yes, but, why are you here?"


"Well, let's say that I'm here for your benefit and your son's benefit."


"Leave my son out of this. I did this because I wanted to. He had nothing to do with me protesting."


"That's not why I'm here, Mr. Siegfried."


"Then, why are you here?"


"Mr. Graves has been wanting to have a talk with you for quite some time, hoping that you are more reasonable than your son."


"Oh, I guess things didn't go too well, in court yesterday, huh?"


"Only a minor setback, Mr. Siegfried. We intend to pursue other means of returning the Barrett Estate to its rightful owners. But, we're hoping it won't have to come to that, so, he's sent me to appeal to your more seasoned wisdom and rationality."


"Oh, you want me to convince my son to give up the money. Do I look like I'm stupid?"


"No, Mr. Siegfried, but, I know that you love your son and your future grandchild and his mother and would hate to see anything happen to them."


As David Siegfried popped out of his chair, it flew backwards and hit the floor with a bang. Christopher Holland quivered and turned red.






"Okay, officer, you won't have to warn me again."


David picked up his chair and sat down looking Christopher Holland directly in the eyes, without batting an eye. He held his fists tightly, as if they held all the rage he felt inside.


"You have the nerve to come into a jail and bribe and threaten somebody? You're nothing but a no good, dirty, crooked lawyer...a thug."


Holland cleared his throat and loosened his tie.


"I'm here on a business matter, Mr. Siegfried, that's all. Mr. Graves wants to offer you a deal. He'll allow you to keep some of the money. Ten million for your son and twelve million for you if you make the deal."


David laughed.


"And what about Rachel and the baby?"


"Mr. Graves wants you to promise to never see his soon to be wife again, or...or...the child. He'd like for you to stay away from them from now on for publicity reasons."


David pretended to be deep in thought.


"Do you want time to think about it Mr. Siegfried? Mr. Graves said that I can come back tomorrow, if you need time."


"And, I bet you do everything that Mr. Graves tells you to do, don't you? Well, pretend for a moment that I'm Mr. Graves and I'm telling you to kiss my...."


"Mr. Siegfried, I believe I'm done here. If that's your final answer. I'll let Mr. Graves know, but, my advice to you is to reconsider, that is, if you truly love your family. Mr. Graves is a very powerful, shrewd, and ruthless man. Here's my card if you change your mind."


"NO! We're done here, but, you can tell MR. GRAVES, that he hasn't heard the last from me. Now, get out of my face! You sicken me."


"Officer, do I have time to make a phone call, if I'm allowed to? I want to call my lawyer. I need to get out of here."


David contacted his attorney and had money transferred from his bank to pay for his bail and asked his attorney to contact Hal's driver, Sam to pick him up from jail as soon as he was released. After all the paperwork was done, it was evening when he was released.


Sure, enough, when he exited the jail, loyal Sam was waiting in front with curbside service, holding his cane for him. He called out to him and waved.


"Did you bring my wallet, Sam?!"


"Sure did, Mr. Siegfried!"


As he approached the limousine, he saw Sam put his hand inside of his suit jacket. Then, he heard two loud bangs that almost shattered his eardrum. Sam's hand slid from his jacket and his gun fell to the ground as he reached to grasp his chest.


Without thinking, David bent down for the gun on the ground, spun around quickly and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit dead center through the forehead and the shooter fell.


The smell of gun smoke filled his nostrils and he began to cough. Crouching down, he grabbed Sam and pulled him close to him. Still pointing the gun, he looked wildly around him, ready to shoot, if he had to.


Three officers ran out of the building; their weapons drawn and ready, while they searched for any continuing threat. Seeing him, they shouted.




David was still in shock, but, he understood what was happening and placed the gun down on the ground in front of him and held his hands up in the air. An officer, went over to the shooter, looked at him and shook her head at the other officers. She didn't even bother to check his pulse. Yes, he had died instantly and David Siegfried had ended his life.


Moments later, sirens screamed through the air as more officers arrived and soon after an ambulance. An officer quickly secured the scene, keeping any bystanders or pedestrians away.


"Stand up, slowly, sir, and keep your hands up."


David did the best he could to stand up without lowering his arms. He watched the paramedics stabilize Sam and place him upon the gurney. All the while, officers were questioning him. His thoughts weren't all there. His mind kept replaying the shooting over and over. He did his best to answer; answering with one or two words. In between he would say,


"He shot first. He shot first."


The coroner showed up and a forensics team. David was handcuffed, read his rights and taken back into the police station where he told them he had just been released. A detective looked up his file and then began badgering him. Something within him began to get through to him and he spoke loud and clear.


"Please, call my lawyer. I want him present."


The detective looked in the file and laughed. "You'll get your chance.  You want to call this rookie attorney, in your file here?"


"No, sir, I want my son to get our lawyers. I want to call my son."


As a security measure, Steve and Jake had regular check-in calls for all of their men who were out and about. At seven p.m., Sam didn't check in, so someone was sent to his last destination, the county jail to retrieve, Hal's father.


After one week, four attorneys, two judges, and one million dollars later, David Siegfried, once again saw the light of day.


After leaving the police station, David, went straight home and took the elevator up to his room, without saying a word to anyone. He sat on his bed, still in shock, with his eyes filled with tears. After a few minutes, Hal tapped on his open door and approached him slowly.


"Are you okay, Dad?"


David opened his mouth and tried to get words out, but, they wouldn't come. Hal could see the pain and agony that he was going through. Although, he felt guilty for the way that he had behaved when he last saw his father, the love and compassion he felt in his heart would not allow him to just stand there and do nothing. He went to his father and stood in front of him, wrapping his arms around him, tightly. Finally, his father, took a deep breath and cried out through his tears.




Hal squeezed his father even tighter.


"I knew all that money would come to no good. It's changed both of us. That no good president, Willard Graves, has cursed our whole family."





Published by Mishael T