(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)





"Have you talked to Rachel, Hal?"


"She won't return my calls, Dad."


"Maybe she can't."


"What do you mean, she can't? Is she alright?"


"Yes......I  mean, I-I-I don't know. When Derek sent his attorney to threaten us, he said that if I didn't convince you to give up the money, that something might happen to you, Rachel and the baby..."


"The baby?! They didn't tell me that part. He threatened to harm Zenobia and the baby?"


"No, Hal, not Zenobia and her baby." 


"Then, what baby? Is Rachel pregnant?...Derek would harm his own baby?"


"No, Hal. Please, just let me finish...It's your baby. That's why I started seeing Rachel."




"SHHH...Keep it down, Hal. We have to be very sensitive to Zenobia's feelings...I didn't tell anyone else, not even the lawyers. When I found out, I couldn't tell you. Rachel made me promise not to say anything until she was ready to do it herself. I...I was afraid that she wouldn't let me see the baby if I said something."


"But, didn't you think I would want to know and do something? I'm your son and you taught me to be responsible for my actions. Remember?"


"I know, son, but she insisted because of you and Zenobia..."


"Me and Zenobia?! That has nothing to do with me and Rachel if she's pregnant with my baby!"


"Hal! Listen! You've got a lot to learn about women. She came to the house the day I found out about you and Zenobia. We both found out at the same time. It was her at the door. I had asked her to come that morning to tell you about the baby, but, then...then, she saw you and Zenobia kissing. She's still in love with you, Hal. It's too painful for her. She won't admit it, but..."


"Too painful for her, so she won't tell me that I'm the father of her child? If she's still in love with me then, why is she marrying Derek? DEREK! OH NO! Dad, this can't happen. She can't marry Derek with my baby! Does he know?"


"Yes, he knows. That's why he sent his lawyer to threaten us. He doesn't love Rachel and you know he doesn't want that baby. He wants to torment you!"


"But, he still doesn't know that we're cousins, does he?"


"No, and Rachel doesn't know, either. She probably wouldn't be with him if she knew."


"And you still didn't think that it was important enough to tell her that she's marrying my cousin and her future children would be cousins and siblings?"


"I wanted to, but...uh...then, I began to think of her as my daughter. The daughter I never had and we became very close. Hal, I enjoy being around her and doing things for her. I know I sound like a foolish old man, but...Please, forgive me, Hal. But, you didn't want me to tell anyone either. It would have ruined things for you and put you in danger sooner."


"Dad, I don't know that it ever made any difference once all the money was handed over to me. They had planned to kill me, anyway...but...IF DEREK DOES ANYTHING TO RACHEL AND MY BABY...


Hal was beside himself with worry and the stress in his voice showed how much he cared. He sat down on the bed next to his father, holding his face in his hands, then, began pulling and clenching his hair.


"Your mother said that you came out of the womb doing that and you were probably pulling the little hairs on your head when you were inside of her. Lord, how I miss that woman. I love her, but, I didn't always do right by her."


Hal looked up.


"She needs to know, Dad. Rachel needs to know she's in danger. It's my fault, I could have told her everything a long time ago and none of this would have ever happened."


We'll tell her now, son, if we can get to her. Derek told me to stay away from her and the baby forever."


"He can't do that! If Rachel and my baby are in danger, then, we've got to do something. We can't just let her marry him!"


"He made bribes and threats inside of a jail and sent a hit man to kill me in front of the jail. Derek thinks he can do anything. He's got all kinds of crooked people working for him. Somebody inside of that jail told him I was there and the exact moment when I was getting out. We've got to be smart, son. Smarter than, him. We'll get to Rachel."


Suddenly, they heard something outside of the door, that sounded like a muffled cry, then, footsteps running down the hallway. They looked at one another, thinking the same thing--Zenobia. Hal looked out of the door and saw Zenobia running towards the stairway.


"Zenobia!...Zenobia! WAIT!"


"Dad, I've got to go to her. Who knows what she heard and what she's thinking."


"I know, son. Go talk to her. We'll talk later. How is Sam doing?"


"He's out of danger now. They're moving him to a regular room at the hospital. He's being guarded."


"We've got to bring Steve and Jake in on this, too, son."


"Steve and Jake! I thought you were against using them to..."


"To protect ourselves? Things have changed, son, and so have I. Go on, now. Hurry! Go find Zenobia."


When he felt that Hal was probably downstairs and the coast was clear, David, reached into his pocket and pulled out a revolver. Checking it carefully and securing the safety, he placed it under his pillow and the extra boxes of bullets in his bedside drawer. He had had time to think about a lot of things while he was locked up in a cell. Yes, he had a visceral fear of change that had placed himself and others in danger. That fear had allowed change to take on its present form and could no longer be ignored. Things had definitely changed, which meant that he had to change, also.


"Fear is not of God." he told himself, smoothing his pillow and lying down upon the bed. "Lord, you didn't change my life so that I could crawl into a hole and hide from the enemy, while he wreaks havoc on the world. Father, I ask you to continue to watch over my family and extended family as we prepare to battle the enemy. Let us not have anger, hatred, or vengeance within our hearts, but, to fight to uphold the holiness and righteousness of the Kingdom.


Forgive me, Lord, for continuously failing you and thinking about my own feelings and desires. Guard my mind and my tongue that I don't let the enemy lead me into degradation and darkness.


Father, I know that you placed us in this position for a reason. Strengthen us and guide us, Lord. Please continue to keep my health, so that I may be of help to others.


Have mercy on my children, but, do what you must do to bring them closer to You. Teach us to love one another as we should.


Lord, I pray for my enemy, for they know not what they do. In their plotting and scheming out of greed and hatred, they are blind and in darkness, not knowing that they fight against God. You know their beginning and You know their end. Have mercy, Lord.


Lead us with your wisdom and help us to endure. May all that we suffer and sacrifice be for the glorification of You and Your Kingdom. May we be drawn ever closer to Thee. In Jesus' most precious name, I pray. Amen."



David Siegfried fell asleep, accepting that things had changed, but knowing that with God, he would be ready to handle those changes.


Published by Mishael T