(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)




Hal left early for a conference call with his chief executive officers concerning the office break-ins and tightening security within all of their business holdings. He also had a meeting later in the day with a gentleman on Wall Street, one of Tanya Yanovich's business contacts. With Sam still recuperating from his gunshot wounds and surgery, his bodyguard, Vince, had been doing most of the chauffeuring. Steve and Jake didn't want to bring anybody new in to fill in for Sam. It was too much of a risk. They had moved another bodyguard, whom they trusted, to help Martin guard, Hal's father, but, they knew too much shifting around could change routines, create gaps, and produce costly and detrimental errors.


While on his way to work, Hal's phone rang.


"Hal? It's Natalie. Have you read our paper this morning?"


"Good morning, Natalie. I'm reading it now."


"Okay, I wanted to know how you think the new editor is doing."


"Sales are still good, right?"


"Well...yeah...but...do you think he's taking the paper in the right direction?"


"From what I've been reading, he's doing fine. We should be able to hire a couple more good journalists and start to expand."


"Expand?!  I can hardly handle this! This old building is falling down around us and pretty soon we'll be buried beneath it. I want to make repairs, but, we have to meet building codes and stay within historical building guidelines. I don't have that kind of money in the budget and..."


"NATALIE! Natalie! Alright! I know what you're hinting at. I'll pay for the building restoration and don't worry Natalie, we'll proceed slowly with the expansion and get good people to help you. I'll have Darla call you today to discuss getting things started on the building restorations. We'll hire professionals in historical building restoration. Don't worry about costs right now. Talk to you later. Bye."




"What is it, Natalie?"


"Well, uh...I heard about all the trouble your father is having and how Sam got shot and all the office break-ins and ..."


"Yes, but, their doing better, now, and we've got it under control."


"Hal, you and I know who's behind all of this and it's not going away that easily. Let me help you..."


"I don't want to involve you, Natalie. It's too dangerous..."


"Wait, just listen...I have something; something that Derek Graves doesn't want released right now. My father had been keeping it as security. He got it from my grandfather...uh, you know...everybody calls him the Mad Hatter,  It has to do with President Willard Graves and the 2016 campaign..."


"I think I know what you're talking about Natalie and that would put you and the paper in the line of fire. Derek Graves would come after you. and I can't risk having someone else injured or killed."


"I'm not asking you, Hal. I'm telling you. And, I can take care of myself. I'm going to publish everything with you or without you. It's time somebody stopped the Graves Family from getting away with crimes and murders. I'd rather do this with you. I don't want the new editor handling it. I'm not ready to trust him one hundred percent."




"Hal, I'm telling you that I've got to do this! My grandfather was as crazy as Willard Graves! Our family is just as much as responsible for what happened in this country. We were his benefactors and helped him to win the presidency. My grandfather pushed all of that stupid, selfish, and irrational legislature that sent this country backwards and endangered the entire welfare of the planet. He helped to kill millions upon millions of people and wildlife. We owe it to the world and it's time to pay our debt, Hal. So, I'm going to release the evidence that the 2016 election was rigged and people will see Derek and the Graves Family for what they are--criminals!"


"Okay, okay, Natalie! I see that I have no say in this, but, I won't let you do it alone. We'll work on it together and I want you to be protected from now on, especially while we're working on this project."


"Oh, goodie! I get a bodyguard! Thanks, Hal!"


Hal wasn't quite sure if Natalie thought this was all just a game and didn't understand the seriousness of the matter, or, if Natalie just couldn't help being...Natalie.


"I'll call you later, Natalie. Have a good day."


"Bye, Hal! You're the best! Muah!"


Hal hung up the phone not welcoming the idea of having to spend hour upon hour alone, listening to Natalie Tiledeler and fighting off her unwanted sexual advances.


"Jeesh, I've got to find somebody else who can be in the room in between me and that obnoxious, flirtatious woman!"


Through the rear-view mirror, Vince could see Hal's face and began to laugh.


"Don't worry, boss. I'm your bodyguard. I'll protect you from the little lady."


Hal, rolled up his newspaper and started whacking Vince with it, while the two of them laughed and joked all the way to the office.


Always the first to show up at the office, Darla was waiting for Hal, when he arrived.


"Good morning, Darla! How are you today?!"


"Good morning. I'm fine, Hal, but, we have a busy day ahead of us with paperwork and then there is the conference call. I don't know how long you'll be in there, but, I need you to look over some things to finalize them before you have to leave on your trip overseas."


"Fine, Darla. We'll get it done. First, can you call Natalie Tiledeler and arrange a meeting to discuss restoration of the old Tribune building, please? Have someone research contractors and architects who are known experts in historical building restoration, then, get me their names and backgrounds. Contact the Finance Department and see how much we have in the budget for renovations or building of any kind or if we can move money around.


I'm starting a new project with Natalie Tiledeler, so I'll need my evenings to be free for a while. Please ask Karen if she will be free in the evenings to work with me and Ms. Tiledeler and if not, to please find someone else to fill in for her."


"She'll be here today, Hal. You know that she's always late. You really should..."


"I hate to pile so much upon you, Darla, but...this last thing is very important and confidential. I'd like you to call a Pastor Allen Fitzgerald at The Discipleship Church on Merrimont Drive. His number should be listed. Please request a meeting to discuss a substantial donation to the church. Tell him that I will be accompanied by my father, David Siegfried, Jr."


Darla wrote quickly upon her electronic pad and looked up to Hal, waiting for further instructions.


"That's all. Thank you Darla. I don't know what I would do without you."


Pleased with the thought of being so indispensable, Darla gave Hal a genuine smile and headed toward her office. She passed Karen, who was getting off of the elevator. Karen always arrived on the hour or a few minutes late. Darla rolled her eyes at her and kept going.


Karen knew that if it weren't for Hal, she would have been fired long ago. Darla had no patience or tolerance for anyone she saw as flawed and for her, that covered most of the people in the world. Karen had discovered that in Darla's mind, if you didn't work as she did, then, you had no work ethic and simply weren't professional and worthy of employment. She was always filled with anxiety when Darla was around and it didn't help to make her appear less inadequate in Darla's eyes.




Trying to shield herself from Darla's rudeness and intended insult, Karen hurried to her office and quickly threw her coat aside and settled into work. Grabbing the mail, she noticed the  letter on top was stamped CONFIDENTIAL, followed in writing by, Mr. Harold (Hal) Siegfried Only. The return address listed Tanya Yanovich at her New York city address. Without opening the rest of the mail, Karen, got up from her desk and hurried to Hal's office and knocked on the door.


"Mr. Siegfried? It's Karen."


"Come right in Karen. Good morning! How are you?"


"I'm fine, but, I have a strange letter here that says it's from Tanya Yanovich."


Startled, Hal thought it was strange indeed , but, also, that it might be dangerous and perhaps filled with a deadly bacteria, toxin, or virus.


"You didn't open it, did you?!"


Filled with anxiety, Karen was on the verge of tears.


"Wh-Why...uh...no...It said confidential. I-I-I w-wanted to check with you first."


"I'm sorry Karen, I wasn't questioning your trust or honesty. I'm concerned for your well-being. I'm worried about mail that has been tampered with and that might contain something deadly. I'd never forgive myself if something like that happened to one of my employees because of me. Do you know if this came directly from the mail room?"


Karen was still feeling very hurt, but, quietly replied.


"No...I-I mean, I don't know.  It was on top of the stack of mail."


"Okay, just...just go wash your hands thoroughly to be on the safe side. I'm going to call security to check out this letter before I open it."


"O-Okay, Mr. Siegfried."


Karen dashed out of the office toward the ladies restroom and began washing her hands vigorously with antibacterial soap. Hal contacted security and a veteran marine who had assisted in handling such problems came and put the letter in a plastic bag and took it away. Three hours later, the letter was returned to him marked --safe, accompanied by a list of equipment and training that was needed for testing the mail.


"Great! More money we have to spend to keep everyone safe!" Hal grumbled, then, carefully opened the letter that Auntie Tanya appeared to have written from the grave.



"Dear Hal,

If this letter has reached you, then, I have been dead for a while. Hopefully, you and your father are well and adjusting to your new lives. I can't express how much I enjoyed spending time with you.

I've had my attorney send you this letter, the first in a series, in order to guide you and to help keep you on the right path. It's not that I don't trust you or think you incapable of handling your affairs, but, there are things that I could not tell you or that you might not have understood until you were introduced to them.

By now, you've probably figured out that the Russians had all the information they needed to orchestrate their plan and control the 2016 election. Was their success 100% guaranteed? They weren't that optimistic, but, they were pretty sure they had a good chance at being successful in making my father president.

With voter registration information, the Russians could control the districts that were needed to put the votes in my father's favor. While everyone would be worried about hacking into computers they had devised other ways to turn the vote. Where there are people, there are cellphones and plenty of them. During this time, some people noticed their cellphones behaving erratically, perhaps, flipping back to previous data. Of course it would be attributed to unstable signal reception and satellites and cellphone company problems. 


The Russian's plan involved scrambling signals that would flip votes or turn the channel as they did with televisions. Their technology allowed them to pass through cellphone towers undetected because they had hacked into cellphones with coded scripts to implant controllable, undetected, and untraceable bots and viruses. 

They changed voter information to make it look like that was their intent in order to suppress votes. However, their databases contained the correct information to later manipulate the election as they chose to alter it. This is the information that the Tiledeler's purchased--the correct votes that were casts and the programming information that was selectively transmitted to alter votes in favor of Willard Graves.  The Russian's and GOP's guarantee was the Electoral College, which would be sure to vote for Willard Graves. Of course my father not only knew, but, we as a family along with others working for us, assisted the Russians in guiding them in the social media targeting process through our data and research.


Yes, some people noticed the machines flipping to another candidate, believing the problem was within the machines, but, it was their presence within the voting booth and the proximity of a cellphone.

The illegal votes and districts targeted by the Russian labs can be compared to the actual votes counted that day. They will match. 

No doubt, you have felt the treachery of the Graves Family and realize that you can't be careful or cautious enough. They must be stopped before history is repeated. As before, not everyone will believe the truth that is presented to them and right before their eyes. It will be impossible to sway many of Derek's voters who are filled with hatred, selfishness, and greed. Nevertheless, we must use every means possible to prevent the Graves Family from rising to international power and profiting from the death and misery of others, again.


My father was not stopped soon enough. The men that he and Putin set in place around the globe to manipulate politics and the economy were  instrumental in the devastation of entire countries. This will happen again if Derek is elected. He already has ties to corrupt politicians around the world.

I know I am asking a lot from someone who didn't ask to be involved in any of this, let alone, to find out that they were related to this infamous family of con artists, racists, and hatemongers. However, I have faith in the heart of the young man, whom I have watched grow and demonstrate how he cares about the world and others. It is in you Hal to become even greater than who you can imagine yourself to be, because, it is in you to truly love as God would have us love one another.


 With Love, Auntie Tanya"


Hal laid the letter down upon his desk, folded it and placed it back inside of the envelope. He stood and walked to the huge windows looking out over the city beneath. But, instead of looking out at the city, he stared at his reflection in the window looking inward. Closing his eyes and pressing his hands and forehead to the glass, he held back tears, knowing he had let Auntie Tanya and everyone around him down. His heart was weighed down with the heaviness of knowing that he had turned his back on love and in doing so, he had turned his back on God.


Yes, he needed understanding and answers, but, Auntie Tanya's letter didn't bring him the answers that he needed for himself at that moment. He gazed out of the window as if searching for something or someone, then, whispered,


"How can I be expected to save the world, when I can't even save myself?"




Published by Mishael T