(Intermittent Waves Recorded from the Transformed Heart of a Woman)




The police detectives remained throughout the night questioning everyone they could who was on staff and who could have remotely seen or heard something suspicious or out of the ordinary. Names and contact numbers were taken of people staying with patients throughout the hospital. Camera footage was reviewed while a forensics team collected evidence. All routine thought Hal, hoping that they would turn up something soon to identify the perpetrator. He paid close attention, as he usually did on his assignments, trying not to get in their way.


He had forgotten about his foot, which still ached, when he noticed one of the forensic team members photographing the trail of his blood throughout the hallways and rooms. Suddenly it hit him that, although, he had alerted the police and saved Tanya, he still had to be considered as a possible suspect. In his years of reporting, stranger things had happened. For this reason, it was even more imperative that he got to the bottom of this to clear himself of any suspicion.


There was still no word from Miriam.


"Where could she be?" thought Hal. "And Arturo? I can't imagine Arturo being negligent of his job."


He had little to tell the detectives about both of them other than, he'd met with Miriam earlier that day and said goodnight to Arturo when he came in.


Something had happened to them and Hal didn't want to think about what it could mean. Then, as if he had summoned up his darkest thoughts, a detective came running up to the Lieutenant in charge. He was close enough to overhear their conversation, although,  she was trying to speak quietly and confidentially.


"Sir, we need you out in the garage. We found two bodies in a van."


The Lieutenant wasted no time in heading for the stairs with his subordinate, questioning her along the way.


"Who does it belong to?"


"Intern here who's been on duty all night."




Hal's heart sunk and his legs felt shaky.  He knew it had to be Miriam and Arturo. There was no way they wouldn't have been here. He followed behind them trying to be inconspicuous.


When they arrived at the lower deck of the parking garage, the area had been roped off. There was no way he was getting any closer without permission. He walked up to the Lieutenant, who seemed to be aware of his presence.


"Would you like me to see if I can identify the bodies?"


"We want you to stay here and don't move or touch anything. We'll bring you a photo to see if you know them. And, none of this hits the newspaper, yet. You said you work for The Daily?"


"Well..., I used to. I might be unemployed or in limbo, if one of those bodies is Miriam Graves Barrett."


Published by Mishael T