Told through a collection of documents including emails, maps, interviews and instant messages, Illuminae follows Kady and Ezra as they escape their invaded planet and are forced to flee a hostile warship. With a mutating plague infecting evacuees, an out of control AI system and the enemy hot on their tails; Kady hacks into the ships hard drives to find some much need answers. With Kady and Ezra on separate ships, they must work together via a backdoor messaging system to save each other and thousands of civilians.

Illuminae totally blew my mind.

I was unsure of what to expect going into this book, but after a few dozen pages I was absolutely hooked.

The format of this book, the story being told through a dossier of information instead of the traditional narrative was absolutely genius.

The size of this book; 600 pages, may be intimidating for some readers, but the strange yet completely interesting format of this book makes for a truly loose and easy reading experience. I was able to read the entire book in one day, and given how much I loved it, I am planing on reading it again next weekend.

Some of the layout of this book was really beautiful, the scenes with the AI are really quite artistic, which was a wonderful surprise. One of the greatest things about this book was its dialog. It was witty, sarcastic and really sassy at times, I wasnt expecting to be laughing out load whilst reading this book.

I can't think of another book that has great sci-fi, funny and interesting characters, an amazingly unique format and such unpredictable twists. In fact the twists that are revealed at the end of this book were so fantastic that it and me want to get my hand on book 2 as fast a possible.

Illuminae would have to come close to being one of the greatest books I have ever read. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

If you havent yet read Illuminae, do it now, don't miss out on pure awesomeness.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker