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My Review (no spoilers):

Illuminae is the first book in The Illuminae Files series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and oh my god this book amazing. Illuminae was one of the most anticipated novels in the book world because everyone was talking about it and the way it was formatted. When I first heard about this book I was a excited about it, but when I bought it I thought it would be confusing if it was told through files and emails. However, once I started reading it, it wasn't as complicated as I made it out to be. To anyone who hasn't read this book I would HIGHLY recommend that you listen to the audio book and read along, because it such an amazing experience. I have never been so engrossed or amazed with an audio book before, but Illuminae made it seem like it was a movie and not a book. Audible allows new users a one month free trial and I would use that credit on Illuminae

There are multiple characters in this novel, but it mainly centers around Kady Grant and Ezra Mason, who have just recently broken up are forced to work together after the disaster that took place on Kerenza. Kady Grant was usually the type of female character I find myself neither liking or disliking, but towards the middle of the book I really started to enjoy her. She was sarcastic and funny, but most of all she never backed down from a challenge. Kady was not one of the passengers who weren't curious as to why they were attacked, Kady wanted to know what was so important that Beitech laid waste to Kerenza. I also think hearing her voice on the audio book make me connect with her more, because hearing her emotions through the way she talked made her seem more real.  

To the man that played Ezra Mason, thank you for being able to capture the personality of Ezra so well. I loved Ezra's character, he genuinely made me laugh out loud more than once. He was such a charmer and the type of guy that could be friends with anyone. I loved his relationship with Kady and I actually looked forward to the chapters when these two interacted. I found it especially funny when they were arguing during the evacuation because all you can think about is that now is not the time for this. Ezra is a man who is motivated by the people he cares about and like Kady he wants to know why they were attacked. 

The humor in this book was definitely it's strong suit, because it shows people's different coping mechanism. They like to make light of situations and sometimes pretend that everything's fine. The way some of these characters interact with each other one would assume that they've known each other forever, but in reality they only met because of the disaster. Which is all something they need, people they feel comfortable with during a time like this. 

Now it would take A LOT to make me cry multiple times in a book but somehow Illuminae made me cry, and one time I cried three different times in the span of one hour. And it wasn't like shed a tear crying, it was full on pathetic crying, because I got so attached to these characters. Kristoff and Kaufman have just surprised me with the different emotions they made me feel. I don't read Sci-Fi, but I'm beginning to think that I should since every time I say that I'm not interested in it, the books in read in that genre end up becoming favorites, (which are These Broken Stars and now Illuminae).  

With the way that Illuminae was formatted it made it really easy to get through. The only reason it took me a month to read the novel was because I was reading along with the audio book and I could never find the time to sit down and read. With other books usually you just have to listen to the book, but with Illuminae you have to read along, which I'm not saying is bad, I'm just saying it would be difficult to follow along if the book wasn't in front of you. There were over 20 different voice actors and so many sound effects, and like I said before it made the book seem like a movie. I'm really curious how people read this book without the audio book, because they missed out on an incredible experience. If you didn't use the audio book for Illuminae I would recommend using it for Gemina or the other book(s) in The Illuminae Files series or trilogy.  

There was a lot of action in the book and I really enjoyed how both authors designed the action scenes. With the words displayed all over the pages and the sound effects made it sound like a real battle is going on. The plot line in the book was enticing and kept me interested and constantly made me wonder how our two characters were going to solve the problems. For the first time in a while I actually did not fall in love with the villain because technically it wasn't humanly possible. But I really did enjoy the scenes we got with it, and found my myself genuinely curious about its justifications on its actions. I will go into more detail about my thoughts on it when I post my review with spoilers.  

Overall, Illuminae was out of this world and I'm highly anticipating the next book, because it did leave off on one hell of a cliff-hanger. Even though I read this book a while ago I constantly think about it, because it has completely changed my perspective on the Science Fiction genre. I know for a fact that I will continue to rave about this trilogy even after it's long over, because it deserves to be read by everyone. 

Thank you so much for reading!

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