I know what you're going to say. We are supposed to put our faith in God, and not in a President. You can vote for whomever you want. I've been in many churches during election time. I've seen videos of pastors speaking on presidential elections. It's essentially the same. Pray for our country no matter what happens. I can't tell you who to vote for. The President is human. We should put our faith in what we cannot see. Remember your Christian values. 

Every sermon like this dances around hot topics in a way that says "You can vote whatever party you want." That's what they say. But I can't help but feel judged, like I did the wrong thing, when the people of the church talk about the election. I see posts on Facebook like, "How could anyone vote democrat when the democratic party is PRO abortion? You want to murder millions of babies?" No, I don't. But most of them don't listen. It seems that if I share with other Christians that I am pro-choice or pro-gay rights that "they're praying for me"  because I'm not standing by my Christian values. Except, I don't see it that way. Instead of asking me why, most (note: most, not all) other Christians shut down. 

I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus as my savior. I believe the teachings of the bible. I think that God did design marriage between a man and a woman. I do think that abortion is cruel to the unborn child and I personally would never do it. 

Life is precious. I understand your side, I really do. But. I do believe that I, and every other woman in this country, has the right to make that decision herself. The government has no place in telling a woman whether or not she can have an abortion or not. There are many other health reasons that people get abortions besides just "whoops. I had unprotected sex." Research it. I believe that each woman should face this moral decision with her family and her doctor. That's it. Of course I don't want to rip babies out of people's wombs. If I were in that position, I would want to be able to make the decision myself. I also know that just because something is illegal, doesn't mean that it will stop happening. During the prohibition there were speakeasies. There are illegal drugs all over the place. If abortion were illegal, then there would be underground abortionists that would be more dangerous to the woman's health. Desperate people would use clothes hangers. I would rather keep abortion legal and ensure that these women have safe procedures. 

I remember discussing gay marriage in a college bible study class and one man's argument was literally, "if we let men marry men then the next thing you know, they'll want to marry cows." I'm sorry, but what? I don't view homosexuality as insane as most other people of the church. I don't think it's insane at all. Women want to marry women because they love their soul. They're human beings with different genitals, but they still have minds and hearts and souls. That's what gay people fall in love with. They aren't going to be reckless and fall in love with cows- who cannot share ideas and exchange deep thoughts and other things that make people fall in love with each other. I know the bible verse. God didn't intend men to be with men. I get it. He also didn't intend people to get divorced, yet no one talks about how the divorce rate is 50%. If two people fall in love with each other, let them. I don't understand why that's so wrong. I don't understand how gay marriage being legal hurts anyone who isn't gay. Also, we live in a country based on freedom. European settlers came to this country to be able to practice their religion freely. They wanted anyone to be able to practice any religion freely. I believe that Americans should have freedom. I believe that people should be free to marry whomever they want. 

There are other reasons why I voted democrat. But these are the two reasons that most other Christians don't understand why I would compromise. Maybe it's my liberal education. Maybe it's because i'm a millennial. But I wanted to take a moment and actually share why I can be a Christian and still vote pro-choice and pro-gay rights, because a lot of people wouldn't listen if I tried to explain. If you disagree with my choices, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this and understand rather than snap to instant judgement. I try to understand things from other view points as much as I can, and we should all be civil in our debates and treat each other with love regardless of what we vote. 

Published by Kristina Kelly