Hello and welcome to my first post at this site. I'm very honoured to be offered to write here! 

I thought I would write some of my thoughts and experiences about being a young independent female in today’s society. So I'm going to be writing this from a young woman's perspective since I'm still fairly young and identify as female. Everything is written from my own personal perspective and experiences. 

 Being independent as a young woman isn't easy. First of all you often aren't taken serious, non -the less if you happen to be blonde just like me and likes to do your makeup and hair. People think there is nothing more to it. I’m just a pretty face walking around. A lot of people often mistake me for being vain. I frequently have days where I don’t dress up as I used to everyday because I don’t feel like I want to some days and that’s okay. I wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth and hair and put on comfortable clothes and I’m good to go! Other days when I do dress up it is commonly mistaken that I dress up to impress other people, for men actually is the most popular belief. The truth is that I dress up for myself and myself only. If I feel like it I will, If I don’t I won’t.  Simple.

Then It actually happens to be so that I’ve got a deeper side to me as well where I like study and to explore my spirituality and learn about the earth and beyond and everything that is around us. I’ve also thought a lot about life and death since I was a small child. When people hear me say this they often imagine me as if I just read a bunch of unlikely things from a piece of paper just to prove myself not to be one of these blonde girly stereotypes.  The truth is that I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I am this person even though somebody believes it or not and I’m so much more than just a pretty face.

 I used to be really stressed out about people getting the wrong idea of me but I’ve stopped to worry at this point. Does it matter if someone thinks I’m a blonde self-obsessed airhead? At least I know that I’m not.  I have the knowledge that I’ve got a value no matter what I look like and  I know who I am and that’s what’s really important. Those who are meant to understand will and those who aren’t simply won’t.  I’ve got a beautiful, open mind-set and I proudly possess a range of strong personal qualities. I am set on my goal to become successful in life, and by successful I mean to be happy, do what I want and live free.

 I feel like there is just more to life than our appearance that our social media driven world focuses a lot on today. I want to touch people’s minds; I want to contribute something more than just my face to the world as I just as billions of other inhabitants live for such a small period of time on its beautiful surface.  To be honest how much status you’ve had and how many expensive things you’ve owned doesn’t really matter in the end when we’re all going to die. I think that I would feel good laying on my deathbed if I knew that I had made some kind of change in the world.  Doesn’t have to be something huge like curing cancer, just maybe a small thing like helping someone out who’s really in a troubled relationship with themselves.

What’s the biggest thing you’re often mistaken as and what’s your main goal in life?

Published by Linnéa Dedorson