It has been a real blessing. With the power of synchronicity, I’m ready to do anything. Nothing really scares me anymore. I’m never sure if it’s my mind speaking or my heart. I’ve been everything I see. I’ve been divided and united a million times now. I see how things are, many people don’t. I know what people think when they say something. The juncture between thought and speech. I’ve been there.

I’m trying to learn as much as possible but nothing seems to finish. There is no end to it. I get small bursts of realizations out of nowhere. There are actions that’ll prepare me for the future and other actions where I completely forget who or what I am, like right now. Seems like I’m learning from others when in reality I’m learning from myself, my making mistakes. Should I worry about the future or live in the now?

Sometimes I have indomitable control on my life. Other times I’m empty, empty but with so much fullness. I can live forever in the null. What I see in the dark is what I project in the light.

A million thought pass through my mind. Mind helps me think. I’m losing the line between real and imaginary. People’s reality seems too imaginary to me. My imaginary seems too real. I can be only one. Self or You, who am I?

I am because you are.

Published by Saurav Saha