Is the news is a distraction? Do you watch the news? Are you a regular viewer or it depends on what’s going on? What gets you to watch the news? Are you waiting for a specific part like the weather or sports? I know a few people who feel as if the news never has anything good to say, so they don't watch it. I hate to inform you but bad things happen in this good ole world every day, but you've got to take the good with the bad. If you don’t watch the news, how’d you expect to know when something good is said anyways? HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT’S BEING SAID? smh! I understand not wanting to hear any depressing or devastating news but you still go to the doctors to possibly hear something WAY more devastating than anything Fox could EVER say. I hear complaints regarding what’s aired and I’m both concerned and interested in the process of deciding what’s to be shown.

I spent yesterday fixing my personal website,, and had the TV on whatever channel shows the news all morning, then talk shows all afternoon. My mom would ask me growing up, "How are you working AND watching tv?" I'm not, as my grandma would say, "The TV is watching me!" I could be doing Homework but I’m thinking about everything but homework. I need a distraction to keep from getting distracted, could my mind have ADHD? I faithfully watch the news until wheel of fortune comes on every day, but I’m considering taking a break from the news because It’s starting to fill my heart with hate. A few stories broke my heart and pissed me off. Was contemplating going to protest my damn self, luckily Live With Kelly came on and snapped me out of that!

img_0757I hate hearing about black men murdered, especially by law enforcement, it makes me have flashbacks. Yesterday a popular topic that got lots of airtime was the protesting. Just Not as much airtime or discussion about what the cause of all the protesting was because apparently, that’s not what’s important. Attempting to film the protest, a reporter, and her cameraman, filmed a hell of a lot more than they expected. The reporter said there were protesters there serving a purpose and actually fight for the cause and then those there solely for the purpose of violence. Maybe they should stop trying to record everything? White people, y’all are BRAVE af, just not invincible, invisible, or intelligent if you don’t know WHEN NIGGAS ARE MAD, TO THE POINT THAT THEY’RE RIOTING, STAY THE FCK OUT THE WAY! NOT A SINGLE FUCK IS GIVEN!  Luckily She was only kicked trying to protect her unconscious camera man.

I watched a wife's cellphone recording of  her husband being killed by police on ABC, heard conflicting stories (and photos) regarding the gun causing his death, and heard accusations of the other man being under the influence of PCP! What?! Why haven't I heard ANYTHING about drugs before? I thought they said he reached for something? It's funny what they come up with when they needing to cover their ass, DAYS AFTER. I just wished the bullshit they TRY feeding us, at least made sense. Someone pointed out how when they claimed he was reaching in the car, the window was up with blood on it. So he was already shot, right?

Maryland police pepper sprayed a 15-year-old girl and she's being charged with a few things. I didn't catch the whole story but her crashing into a car with her bike is what initiated contact with her and the police. The Police said had she been compliant and gave them her information as requested, they could have called her parents. The girl said she was still trying to come to after hitting her head. Did the police offer or bother calling an ambulance? I saw when they pulled her off her bike and she tried to pull away, with her phone in her hand. Next thing I know she's being restrained by officers and handcuffed,  then on the floor CRYING AND SCREAMING. I can tell from the cries she's in pain so I'm assuming that was after being sprayed. I'm small too, when I get arrested they put the cuffs on TIGHT AF, and could care less about how tight they are. Hands won’t stop legs and feet from running. When did it become okay to pepper spray children? They claimed to only to had sprayed her once, even though the body camera showed otherwise.  img_0758

Someone said media is a way of distracting us from something important. WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? What are we being distracted from? The election? Those bombings? They called a state of emergency in Iowa, where my sister lives, and In North Carolina where they're protesting, the Same state where Kids are riding jet skis to and from school due to flooding. When I deny service to a black man, the hatred it creates for me will NEVER amount to hatred I get when discussing #blacklivesmatter. EVERY TIME someone gets defensive and says more whites are killed by cops than blacks. Don't hate me, I'm not the one you're mad at. If all my information comes from the news, Is it my fault I only know what the news tells me? Maybe you should write a letter to the government or the news stations complaining about what's being shown. You being so accepting and understanding could possibly be why they don't talk about it, there's no need to. It’d have us ready to burn America down to the ground, but  why would they want us to do that? More reason why we need to make America white again? Are our days coming to an end? Is there a plan to not only get rid of the Mexicans but us too?  Or am I just thinking too much into it and should stop before I figure something out and "Mysteriously" end up dead? LOL yea right....


Published by ShylahBoss Lee