Yes, I know what you are all thinking- that I've failed in uploading a post every other day for the entire month. While I did take a two week mental break to enjoy the last couple of weeks of my summer break, where I went to Disneyland and got stuck doing days worth of inventory prep at work, there are still two days left in the month. Three if you count today.

I had my first day of class today. It was my Classics class where we study Greek and Roman mythology. The first class is usually just going over the syllabus. So we didn't do much other than go over the syllabus and define a few terms and pronunciations. What really caught my attention today was that there is a loophole assignment. My professor informed us that if we have an A average throughout the entire semester, we could write a 12-15 page fictional twist on Oedipus (I think?) and not take the final exam. Apparently no one has ever taken up his offer. But as he continued speaking, I kept thinking of the email I was going to send him later in the week asking what exact tale/myth it was so that I could start doing some research. I don't know if I'll keep an A average all semester. I sure hope I do. But it still sounds like an interesting challenge.

My boss is starting another Master's program today. So we were texting each other in the morning wishing each other luck and motivating each other. I've got to say, just knowing that my boss and I are starting a new school year is motivation enough. 

I have two English classes tomorrow and my last other two English classes on Friday. So I will definitely let you all know how they go once I'm done with the day. But for now, I have to start making a reading schedule and time out what I'm reading for what class at what time. 

I hope the rest of you had a swell Monday!

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