Long time, no see people! I am back! And I don't mean just on this blog, I mean back from a great girls weekend in Lake Tahoe. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  My girls and I got together the night  before to get hyped for the trip.  We made an errand run to get necessities for the trip and packed way too much because we are girls.  I am not saying girls overpack but we need options.  We woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning to get rolling.  Showers, packing, makeup, hair, but first, coffee!  We hit the road and made it to Tahoe a couple hours later.  The first order of business was to dump all of our stuff in the hotel room.  And this is where our luck began! We got in the room and we had the most awesome view of the lake ever. So of course being us, we took some hot photos for the Instagram. We then got naked and went to the lake.  The beach did not allow us to bring in our own fun drinks so we had to sneak them in. I know, we are bad but it was fun being a little bad.  After getting a little burnt, we headed back to our awesome humble abode. We showered, and got ready for round two.  We went to dinner then went to thee steps.  Thee steps are huge cement steps by the lake where you can see the most picture perfect sunset on the lake.  We stayed until dark.  Now that it was dark, it was time for round three.  We transitioned from hobo wardrobe to hit the town wardrobe.  We got pulled in by some fighter pilots at an outdoor club.  Drinks, dancing, and fun!  It was the perfect people watching opportunity.  I got to meet a nice person and we talked hockey all night.  But I felt bad for my friend.  I was light-weight dying of laughter watching it though.  A guy was creeping on her, it was so awkward I almost died.  He was saying get closer and just starring at her.  At the same time, my other friend had a guy trying to grind on her. After round three came to an end, we grabbed food and went back to the room.  We ate, watched television and passed out.  We all woke up in pain.  Not hungover pain, but soreness from being so productive.  We cleansed the next morning with a hike.  We went off trail and ended up in a beautiful location.  We climbed on rocks and took in the fresh air and scenery.  But then we all almost fell over from climbing up the hill in the elevation, but worth it!  We then were being basic bitches and got pressed juice to cleanse the body after putting junk into our body the night before.  After so many great adventures, it was time to hit the road home to be real adults.  

I am glad to be back because I had an interview for a job for a hockey team and another interview for a foundation! More exciting things to come and share with you!

What did you guys do this weekend?

Published by Lauren Emi