I am dark. I am the darkest dark possible. I absorb everything. I don’t let anything exist. All evil is in me.Except there can be no light without me. I create the variance and that’s when you realize my significance.

People keep comparing, judging. They form their opinions comparing anything with them. If something is better, you find something to respect. If something is worse, you find something to loath. But can there be any light without dark?

I represent consciousness. All the energy you want is out there in the universe. That’s all you see. That’ll be. You can access energy whenever you please.

You don’t even know but you love me. You have to come back to me time and again. You can’t live without me. I make your light meaningful.

There will always be something better, and something worse. I am the worst possible. I want you to keep your anchor here. This is the base. Now work towards light. Then only does it mean something.

Now everything is better in your eyes because you’ve seen the black.

You’re welcome.

Published by Saurav Saha