My last post was titled going through a phase but I didn't want to say what that phase was. It's not really important anyway. However tonight I'll tell you that I'm going through another phase. Pretty much since last May, I've been dealing with a huge self doubt problem. In part it was due to having wrist surgery and not being able to write for that whole month. The other contributing factor was that I sent my first novel out to agents and was basically turned down by every one that I queried. (I'm not trying to get you to feel sorry for me, I'm just giving background. If you want more background check out my other blog: So now that I've gotten over the not writing for a month part by writing, I'm still doubting my craft. I feel like everything I touch sounds awful, either the plot isn't there, the characters aren't believable, or the writing is just plain bad. Have you ever had to deal with these issues? What have you done to get past them? Is there a way to gain my confidence back as a writer?

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