Oh Knower of all our actions and all that is worth knowing, You must take us along the righteous and auspicious path of completion, leading us to experience the Supreme Consciousness, the original space of complete Completion.

O God, Consciousness! May you remove all our incompletions that are obstacles on our good path of completion; beyond coming and going, birth and death. Onto You we surrender with many reverential words, bowing down again and again.

I tell you praying for the Enlightenment is the greatest thing that can happen. Intensely seeking enlightenment, praying for enlightenment. The more and more you pray for enlightenment, more and more your routine will become integrated. Laziness will never be part of you, boredom will never be part of you. Boredom and laziness are nothing but you do not want to hold onto your ideals, that’s’ all. You do not want to hold onto what is life for you, what life hold for you. You don’t need to poison a man who is lazy and bored because he is already lazy and bored. You don’t need to poison a man who has become lazy and bored because he is already poisoned, you don’t need to double poison him.

If you want to destroy somebody, just teach them laziness, that is all. Make them lazy, over. You’ve destroyed them. Make them feel tired, over, bored, over. Laziness, boredom, these two grow in you when you do not remember the purpose of your existence. Seeking and praying for enlightenment – these two makes you reinvent yourself, awakens you.

Listen, seeking the truths of life, praying for enlightenment – these two kindles the whole Fire in you. I tell you, if you have a wheezing problem, stomach problem, any of the issues related to gas and water, means like a cold, all these— just pray for Enlightenment, you will be healed; because when you pray for enlightenment the fire in the body will be kindled intensely. You will be immediately healed because of the fire in the body if it is kindled, the whole system goes through a re-invention of itself.

Understand, every time you pray for Enlightenment, fire in your system will be rudely awakened. It’ll be so rudely awakened. The sleep, tiredness, boredom— while you are in the daytime, if you are day dreaming, in the night you will be just moving in the bed this way and that way, you won’t sleep. Just pray for Enlightenment this problem will be solved because the day-dreaming will drop. When the day-dreaming drops the night dreaming will drop, you will become so alive, so alive.

Constantly praying for Enlightenment to the Cosmic energy. You can call it as God or Guru, whatever, it’s up to you. Constantly praying intensely awakens that joy, fire energy in you and keeps it alive. That’s the main thing, makes you reinvent yourself, and makes you reinvent yourself.

Praying, praying, praying for Enlightenment – knowing even while you are praying you are He, so’hamasmi. Even when you remembering – you are He, so’hamasmi. Pray intensely, constantly for Enlightenment with the context even when you are praying you are He, you are He.

Published by Saurav Saha