Hello scandi readers.

In my last post, I mentioned I have some exciting news.
In March, I sent an application to a university abroad. About two weeks ago I received a mail about that I have been accepted into University of Adger in Norway. I sent an application to a Danish university as well, but I wasn’t accepted. So I will be moving to Norway very soon.

Because of this, I’ll be quite busy this month, and I can’t promise I’ll be able to blog frequently like I am now. But I will be blogging as much as possible.

In Norway, I’ll be studying Communication and Media. When I’m done with the bachelor degree I’ll able to work as a journalist or in PR’s. The funny thing is since I was about 13 I have dreamt of moving abroad, and now when it’s happening I’m asking myself “what have I done?!”. Every morning I wake up with this surreal feeling in my stomach. It’s so weird. In two weeks I’ll be starting a new life in another country. I’m excited and sad at the same time. Leaving my friends and family is going to be hard. But I’m excited about how the next three years in Norway is going to be.
When I’m walking around in Aarhus I often think to myself that I’ll miss this, this and that. I don’t think I will miss Denmark. But I’ll be missing the Danish culture and the Danes. I know you might be thinking “Denmark? Norway? Aren’t these countries the same? Same culture? Almost the same people?”. No, we are not the same. If we are going to generalize the Danes and the Norwegians then you could say that Danes are more liberal and the Norwegians are more conservative. Check out my post about the differences between Danes, Swedes and Norwegians here.

I will hopefully be blogging very soon.

Your Scandi friend.


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