Hell, I’m very bad at writing as you might realize by now. I’d like to call myself a dreamer, one who dreams that it’s all possible. Now is it too much to ask for?

People hurting people for a living, exploiting others for something they don’t really need in the first place. I would not like to be a part of it. I apologise. My definition of success is different from yours.

It’s because there’s all this pain in the world that I’m writing. If there weren’t so many weaknesses, if this was an ideal world then where would I be? Definitely I wouldn’t write. I’d be out there laughing with you.

We’d be discovering, exploring all the dimensions of the universe and creating. Remember, you are a creator.

I don’t say I have seen all the pain in the world but I’ve seen enough to shake me up and realise that it’s all about your thinking. Why is it that thought comes from sorrow? Why can’t you think when you’re jolly? Suffering is necessary, to think and learn.

I realise that this a lonely path. Being mocked, made fun of and often bullied is just a part of being in a world that’s asleep. I don’t mock you. I feel sorry for you.

You are part of something bigger, contribute to it. What you’re working for is temporary. It’ll all rot away. Instead work for the higher purpose, others. That’s what I hope to do. Don’t impose your views on others, let them find out.

All you are trying to do is look great and feel like shit.

“I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape. But even after admitting this – I have countless times, in just about every act I’ve committed – and coming face to face with these truths, there is no catharsis. I gain no deeper knowledge of myself, no new understanding can be extracted from my telling. There has been no reason for me to tell you any of this. This confession has meant nothing…” – American psycho

You find your meaning in the surface, surface, surface. Go deeper.

Published by Saurav Saha