You've probably heard people say "don't you know that God blesses you so as to make you a blessing to others?" It seems to be absolutely true when you put the statement into consideration, but when weighed on a scale with the word of God, you'll discover that it's not so correct and balanced. Proverbs 11:25 makes us know that; "The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself." It can be interpreted as "the person who blesses others will be blessed in return". So, saying that we are primarily blessed to be blessings is like saying that we are made fat to be liberal. The accurate statement would therefore be that; " We're blessed for being a blessing ". In John 15, Jesus said that every branch in him that doesn't bear fruit will be broken off while the branches that bear fruit will be purged to make them become more fruitful. Note that the branches are not purged, pruned or given any special care, attention or benefit until they first bear fruit. Stop waiting till you get one special anointing or receive a startling divine revelation or experience a major financial breakthrough before you get in motion in the direction of God's vision for your life and make yourself relevant to His Kingdom. I've heard people say things like "by the time the Lord blesses me financially, Iwl begin to build churches, support missionaries and evangelists and also give donations to the poor, just to move the gospel forward". I'm sincerely of the opinion that they'll never get there! if at this stage they're not already doing those things in any little way they can, even while they're not yet enjoying any form of financial abundance. Furthermore, studying through the book of Judges, you'll find out that for virtually every Judge that God used to direct the affairs of the children of Israel, His Spirit (divine enablement) was not released upon them until they were already moving in the direction He pointed them. (See Judges 3, 6, 11, 14 & 15). You've got all you need to be a blessing to others at the level you are now. you've got all you need to kick-start that vision God has given you. Stand up, step out and be fruitful so you can be pruned to bear more fruit. You'll be blessed for being a blessing! Merry Christmas. God bless you!!!

Published by Martins Akhems