We are humans. We are not perfect. We were never meant to be perfect and we will never be! This is how God created us: "Humans"; not angels and not demons!
This illusion of perfection is becoming a massive target that we blindly seek. In the recent decades, the whole media is only propagating one single image for humanity which is "Perfection". This became the sole dream everyone is aiming to. The way we perceive humans is only "perfection". The way we can allow others to see us is only through those images that makes us seem perfect.
You should have the perfect job, even if you don't like it. You got to live with the perfect partner, even if you don't love him/her. The perfect life with the best car and the most luxurious house is what you deserve, if you can't afford it. The perfect body is a a predefined container for everyone. The man should be tall, beach body and some brands on top of him (a.k.a. clothes). The lady should be all curves, thin, perfect skin tone, overreacting, buried under makeup layers and some brands on top (again a.k.a. clothes)! Needless to forget (of course) the perfect (fake) smile all the time! You have to show the world that you are perfectly happy. You have to be perfect in every single aspect and definitely hide your flaws. Convince everyone using social media that you are the perfect person. You should never allow anyone (including yourself) to witness a slight leap in that perfection.
Guess what... THEY ARE WRONG! There is no such perfection myth. We are humans. We are meant to do wrong, feel down and look imperfect. Nevertheless, we move forward and rise up again. We get sick, feel pain and lose our paths. However, we heal, get better and find our directions again. We will look different, and still be accepted. It is okay. It is part of how we are created. It is part of how we are meant to be. In fact, the beauty of humanity is that we rise up again to be better and to seek excellence after falling down.
This perfection struggle is getting to be a burden. In order to look perfect, you lie, you hide pain, you go through plastic surgeries, you steal, you cry at night, you cheat...etc. The list is really long of how much we burden ourselves with such stress. The load of seeking perfection is definitely unbearable weight. It does not help us move forward, as a matter of fact, it kills us slowly inside out!
Stop being perfect; you will never be. Seek excellence; you already are. Just be "Human".

Published by Abeer Ghander