From my blog, June 11, 2016.


Summer water classes started on Tuesday so this chicky is in the swim again. It's great exercise and less dance-y than my initial plunge at another facility - this could work out. The instructor is easy to love and it's all friendly funny women plus one shy husband. Other than a few younger women we're all approximately from the same era, including our badass sweetheart of a teacher, so there are lots of Judys, Susans, Paulas, Lindas, Nancys,

Other commonalities - surprise, surprise - would include hearing loss, bad backs, arthritis, sucky balance, and a laundry list of other choices. There's a certain comfort in knowing I'm not the only person my age who's falling apart, but it's even sweeter to know that everyone in the class, including Token Man, cares about her/himself or they wouldn't bother showing up. I see it on all the faces - "I matter. This part of my life counts big-time. Let's keep it evolving upward."

Humor is how Baby-Boomers roll, because DUH, without it you stop rolling. I advise you, boys and girls, to maintain a healthy personal space between yourself and humor-challenged beings - close interaction rarely ends well. And if you happen to be a libtard "feeler" like someone I know well, you'll haul the sand from every encounter until it all finally sifts out through your sandals. Our happy class is populated by people who love laughing at themselves in the good ways - how does anybody keep putting one foot in front of the other without that? Yikes.

Now, imagine you're out of school for the summer and you've signed on as a lifeguard at the aquatic center to impress babes. And then you get assigned to work during Senior Water Aerobics class. 

Their sweet little downcast faces would break your heart.


Published by Judy Smith