My summer vacation, which began with a 7 hour drive to my grandfather’s funeral, included a lot of driving every day and ended with two days travelling from Gytheio to Oslo, left me tired. The week that followed, which included work, house wife-ing, volunteering and it ended with a trip to Bergen, left me exhausted. Now if you take into consideration that we have been travelling almost every weekend since June, you could understand more easily, why I’m basically nagging. Or could you?

Because I hear a lot, that that’s how things are supposed to be. It seems to me, that the person to be these days, is busy, work-aholic and socially hyperactive. Being busy earns you respect, because it means you are a passionate, curious person with a lot of interests. It means that you are a hard worker and a visionary, who gives themselves full heartedly into their jobs, projects or their effort to save the world. If you, on top of that, chose cool activities to like, you’re winning the Coolness award 2016!

And that’s just the latest trend I described. Women, have to additionally carry the “good girl, good house-wife” legacy, which is still unfortunately being passed on from generation to generation. Attentive to everyone’s needs and expectations, the good girl remembers everything that needs to be done, arranges everything that needs arranging and can make delicious food in order to keep her man happy, with a smile on her face. Oh, and she’s always pretty and polished!

Did you, by the way notice that I’m not mentioning children? I can only imagine what the lives of modern mothers look like… Or rather, feel like…

A person, who is always busy, is a person who is always tired, and a person who is always tired is not effective. A person who is always tired doesn’t have any clarity, has definitely no good ideas and eventually gets sick. With the same logic a woman, who remembers everyone else, eventually forgets herself.

If you by this point think I’m advocating for a lazy life style, you’re wrong. I am however advocating for a more human life style, where saying “I’m tired” or “I need time for myself”, is allowed, understood and respected. I’m advocating for a life style, where resting and reflecting is not a luxury, or something to be ashamed of, but is instead a necessity and a prerequisite for sanity and conscious living. I’m advocating for a life, that stems from the inside and that’s genuine, rather than a life that is the sum of others’ expectations.

And I urge women to give up the “good girl” legacy. Maybe you grew up in an environment where people expected a lot from you, but what good does it do to plant more seeds for future nerve wreck? Your good mood and company, means more than your kick-ass organic pumpkin pie or your picture perfect house. And it’s not your food that keeps your man happy but your happiness and if it’s not, then you need to change him with a more up to date model. They exist.

I for once, hereby solemnly swear, that this Saturday 20th of August, which was given to me as a day of rest, shall be used as such and that not a tiny finger shall be lifted for an activity that I do not genuinely enjoy. Furthermore, I will shamelessly engage in relaxing activities whenever I need to and abstain from elaborate cooking, compulsive business or walking and reading simultaneously (the new cool thing to do). If that makes you think I’m not good enough, I’m ok with it.

Published by Eleni Riga-Johansen