…to get Little Yum-Yum to try prawns again.

It isn’t working. So I tried salmon instead.



Still not working. The only thing he wants is rice, maybe tuna and a bit of broccoli. Whilst this is OK, I think he does need to vary his food a little.

The reason I’m trying fish/seafood is because he has decided he doesn’t like meat. Nothing to do with me; it’s his own choice. He’ll eat chicken twice a week (maybe three times some weeks), but the rest of the the time, his prefers vegetarian meals.

The problem I have with this is due to him not liking spinach or kale for example, I don’t feel he is getting all the vitamins and protein he needs, although I do give him multivitamins every day.

He has even decided he wants rice milk rather than cows milk.

Maybe it’s a phase he’s going through. I guess the main thing (for now at least) is that he’s strong and healthy – growing fast too!


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Published by Persia Karema