It’s only been a week and I’ve started slacking. Ugh.

I forgot to floss Sunday, I haven’t exercised since last Friday, I didn’t blog Sunday (So I’m blogging twice today), and I forgot to take a photo on Sunday (but I took 2 on Monday, so it’s ok). I also haven’t written since Friday either. Definitely NOT GOOD!

The few things that I have been doing consistently are, eating a fruit, reading, and taking my vitamins. I've also been praying, but just short, quick prayers. The Bible study has been hit or miss as well. So at least I’m well read and healthy.

So now I have to get back in the routine of doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing. It would probably help if my work schedule was more consistent but that’s not something I can change so I’ll have to work around it. But that’s just an excuse not a real reason. I have days and times that I’m supposed to do everything; I just have to actually do them.

How are your goals coming?

** I’m not going to do a separate post on my career goals today. If you’re interested in reading about them, you can check out my other blog. **

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