People have a tendency to hide their real self. They tend to be someone else in the fear of being judged. But when someone comes who doesn’t fear to be honest and vulnerable. They get this courage to be true. Showing their true colors. And these true colors are generally very beautiful.

This comfort comes with love, from the heart. Be free. Be yourself.

Nothing is permanent. This gives you the strength to be anyone you want. Make mistakes. Make a lot of them. It’s only when you make mistakes do you realize what’s really good for you. Learn from your mistakes, grow with each mistake.

Everything is worth it. Say how you feel. Be who you are. Because honestly, we need true people. People who talk their heart out, I love you.

You can only be otherwise if you have any vices in you. If you are true to yourself, you’ll be fearless. Completely free of social bounds. I write what I feel, how I feel, why I feel and I am not afraid to express myself. Who are you to judge me? I want to be happy and I hope the same for you.

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

Published by Saurav Saha