Words are neutral. They actually have no meaning. We set meanings to each word and for each of us, the meaning is different depending on your earlier experiences. It’s on you how you take other’s words.

Words represent thought. It’s the thought that matters. Words are just ways to show other the vision you have, your thought. Words can be set to real things like pen, car etc. you understand instantly. But what about abstract words like love, hate, anger, frustration etc. these differ person to person on how they perceive and found the feelings before in their life, experiences. So much of what we perceive or feel can’t be communicated and when we connect to someone else, someone who understands the words same way you do, empathy, you feel a spiritual communion and I think that’s what we live for. Communicating, being understood.

That’s art.

Most of what we perceive is by memory. The memory that’s attached to that particular feeling or word or even the world. I’m thankful that I’m forgetful and I forget the past easily if I want to, that’s why I live in the present and make the most of it. Human behavior is being forgetful but you think the greater your capacity to store facts, the smarter you are. It’s all about understanding. Expanding your thought bubble.

You have it in their cells, what to do, how to do it. Decades of memory in each cell. Feel it.

I write words and I fucking love it. So much to write, so little time.

Published by Saurav Saha