“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 
― Albert Einstein

Ok……So, like you have guessed, I am a real sucker for happy endings. Contrary to popular opinion, I do believe that we can create our happily-ever-after in life even though it is not similar to how it is in fairy tales. But then again, even in fairy tales, the happily-ever-afters do not come easy.

If there is one thing that deeply stirs my imagination, it is cartoons especially those created by Walt Disney. So call me childish if you like but that is me. I do not follow the school of thought that says cartoons are basically for kids. Not at all. As Walt said, "I do not make films primarily for children. I make films for the child in all of us whether we be six or sixty." Now, this I believe.

Imagination is the one most powerful key that can open any door in this life.  

Do not delude yourself into thinking that imaginations are for the weak. Imagination is the start of that wonderful goal you want to achieve. As William Arthur said, "If you can imagine it, you can achieve itIf you can dream it, you can become it."

And that is it!

What is that thing you want most out of life? What kind of life do you want to live? What are your dreams? Do you think them impossible? Do you think them "too big for you to achieve"? Do you think them far above your reach?


My dear, there is no impossibility in life. Your mind is a vast ocean of endless possibilities. I mean, if a man can be placed on the moon, what can you not do? Talk more of when you have the God of Impossibilities in your life... 

Life is too beautiful and full of so much excitement to live it in such a dreary and boring manner. Put on your creative hat and explore your mind. Dream big and never restrict yourself. Leave the impossibility thoughts out of your mind..... First imagine what you want, work at it and let God handle the rest.

I do not think you are aware of the enormous power you hold in your grasp. You have not even the faintest clue of how powerful your mind is. Anything and everything is possible. Just as Marilyn Monroe said, "The sky is not the limit. The mind is." 

The only limitation your mind experiences; the only barrier to your creative self is the one you place on it.

More often than not, we feel our dreams our way bigger than us….”I want to be an astrologer”, “I want to be a horticulturist”, “I want to go to space” etc.


On May 25th 1961, “back in NASA's headquarters, James Webb—the space agency's administrator—was probably feeling dizzy, thinking about the titanic challenge that was in front of him and his team—a tiny fraction of the 400,000 people that the Apollo program would employ in its heyday. Even while Webb had previously conceded to Kennedy that it could be done, the fact is that NASA had absolutely no idea how to put a man on the Moon. In fact, they couldn't even begin to imagine the scope of such an endeavor”- http://gizmodo.com/5805457/

Now, when President J.F Kennedy thought this up, I don't think he actually concerned himself with the impossibility of it. He just believed it could be and indeed it was a dream come true on July 20th 1969, when Neil Armstrong made history as the first man to ever set foot on the moon.

It is recorded that “As he put his left foot down first, Armstrong declared: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."” 

Dreams only find bearing in a fertile ground of imagination. Get rid of fear. Get rid of doubts. Get rid of worries. Just dream and let your mind figure out how to make it happen.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”  ― Albert Einstein

Dare to dream big. Great accomplishments and deeds begin with a dream. The mind is a powerful tool and in it, possibilities are endless. Most times when we try to dream big, it seems so unrealistic and we are quick to put those dreams in the list of wishful thinking.

The truth is it doesn’t have to end in dreaming alone. That is just the first step. The most important step is working to achieve that dream; putting things in place to ensure that dream becomes a reality.


I dream a lot.... I mean I have a very vivid imagination. I have imagined what my life would be like in say 5 years time and while sometimes I admit I am scared of the  possibility, I never let the fear deter me. I am on course now and have begun work towards achieving that dream.

Imagination sure opens the door of possibilities and potentials. Some people may call your dream, “living in a fool’s paradise”, or “building castles in the air”. Let them say what they want to say. It is your job to prove them wrong and when you have succeeded, your success will say to them, “in your face”.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ― Carl Sagan

Don’t cower under the pretense of fantasies. Feel free to imagine. Do not pretend to do so. The so-called fantasizing is allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of that dream in your subconscious and unconsciously paving ways to make that dream/fantasy, a reality.

Without imaginations, we would have no creativity and where there is lack of creativity, life is mundane and boring. Nothing is new. Everything is routine which frankly is profoundly dreary and uninteresting.

Creativity opens the mind to a whole new world; doing old things in new ways and this is powered by imaginations. The upgrades in technology – software applications, automobiles etc., are as a result of developers thinking way outside the box.

Take vehicles for example…..why do all the Fords, Toyotas, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and other models keep inventing and upgrading their previous models? It is because in their minds, they know they can do better.


In their creative minds, why use a key in the ignition when a button would suffice? Why would two exhaust pipes in an SUV prove to be better than one? Why upgrade ordinary cassette players to CD players or MP3 players in the car?

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

Everything is all about creativity. It’s all about imaginations and possibilities. Again, I say, If a man can be placed on the moon, trust me, you can achieve anything. If Jesus can be raised from the dead, then with the same God still seated on the throne in heaven, my dear, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is possible.

Fantasies are neither meant for children alone nor is it meant to stop in the childhood zone. Even as adults, we are not meant to abandon our so-called “childhood fantasies” and just face reality – get just about any job like everyone else and blend into the society. 

If we all did that, how would we discover the Albert Einsteins, Thomas Edisons, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangotes, Femi Otedolas of this world? These are people who thought outside the box, dared to dream and made their dreams a reality. We too can do the same.

Life is so ordinary and not at all fun without imagination and creativity at work. 

You want to be a wedding planner so you can go about spreading sunshine and making that special moment possible for two people in love? Then do it. You want to be a pilot? Go right ahead. You love to sing and make music? Go have fun blessing the world with your beautiful voice. You love to act movies? Go dazzle the world with your talent.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ― J.M. BarriePeter Pan

We all must not be engineers, doctors or even lawyers. We can make the best out of every profession. Be you a make-up artist, hair dresser, caterer, every job is just as important.

Don’t be afraid to dream. It’s all about your passion and what drives you. Find your niche in life and excel in it. You can’t love the arts yet you are in the science class. What are you doing there?

Gone are those days when parents force their children to be what they want them to be. Let the children decide for themselves and make their dreams come true. Whatever your dreams are, even if it already exists, your imaginations would fuel your passion to find new creative ways to make it more fun for you.


I was at a job fair some months ago and DJ Exclusive was invited as one of the speakers. He mentioned that his parents wanted him to study another profession but his passion has always been to become a DJ and today he is living that dream happily.

There is no cost for dreaming. If there is a place a poor man can be a king, it is in his land of imagination; if there is a place where a security guard can be the CEO of a company, it is in his dream and these could actually become a reality if he works towards it.

In one of the companies where I worked, the CEO of that company was once a chemist boy. No one is going to arrest you for dreaming big. In the land of imagination, you are the boss. You can be anything you want to be. Do not limit your thinking or think in a myopic way. Allow your imaginations to roam freely as they explore your thoughts.


Allow your child-like self to roam really free. Permission to digress a bit......just to emphasize my point on the "child in all of us".....

I wrote a post sometime ago on, "THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS TO LIFE - THE INNER CHILD", I put up on my Facebook Page, Khuana's CornerI said:

We each have an inner child deep within us. Let it out. It is my opinion that the inner child in us can help compliment our adult self. Where we get angry with another and choose not to forgive, let our inner child push us to reconcile and move on with life.

Children have no time for pride as they are deeply hidden within the cloak of humility. Be child-like.  

I try to maintain my child-like self and never apologize for it. Been a grown up is sometimes too difficult. So I take solace in my inner child. In that state, things are not as complicated as when viewed with the adult eyes. I get the solutions to the problems that was driving me crazy in the first place and I wonder what the heck I have been fussing and stressing myself for.

A child can offer to share his snack with a stranger where adults hide what they have from others even if they have in excess.


Let your inner child roam free and you will better be able to appreciate the true beauty of life which is hidden in simplicity. If you want to be great, be a child. Children are happy to be of service to others.

They don't hold back. They derive joy in the joy and happiness of others. They are sad when others are sad. They may not understand what is going on but they share in the emotions displayed.

As adults, we understand this and that is why we strive to keep our children's innocence for as long as we can and shelter them from the pain and agony of the real world. If we all can be like kids, we would hardly have any evil to shield them from.

Wouldn't life be more fun and beautiful if we all had the simple, loving, creative and wonderful hearts of children?

This I wrote still a long time back even before I launched my blog based on an experience I had with a child in Church while I was at Mass. You can check it out. It also is an interesting read.

Back to the topic at hand, I personally find cartoons to be a safe haven where I can put my imagination to work. I think and imagine a world filled with so much love, happiness and beautiful things unlike our world today which is filled with so much violence, hate, killings and evil. Cartoons inspire me to believe even in the impossible and to know they are always achievable.

To me, “The words, bippity boppity boo as said by fairy god mother in fairy tales is translated to mean “I CAN DO IT” in actual reality”. 


Before the bliss, hardships and adversities have to be conquered. Come to critically think of it, no much difference in reality and fairy tales except in the concept or circumstance and yea, yea, we can’t undo reality as it can be done in fairy tales.

However, we can always let the past be and begin anew.

Though life may appear to be complicated with its toss and turns, I do believe we can avoid getting into its twist with a counter plan – SIMPLICITY.

In conclusion, do not allow your dream to remain dreams. Work towards making it a reality. Bring your imaginations to life. It begins with a positive attitude and having faith in yourself. Stop listening to that moral killing voice in your head that tells you your dream can never come true because they sure can.

So what big dreams do you have and what steps have you taken to achieve them?

Published by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili