Students belong to the group of young individuals who are in the process of creating their future career and perspective. The process of learning and studying brings new challenges and exams which students meet for the first time in their lives. In that sense, they feel anxious, worried and stressed. Along with this comes the feeling of pressure and need to be better than colleagues at the University. The researchers have found that stress among students seems to be higher than the stress among the older population. Because of this, many colleagues have developed services for counseling the students in order to help them to reintegrate in the normal process of studying.  In the following rows, we will consider crucial impacts on student mental health in today's world.

Distract concentration from learning

While studying complex subjects, everyone needs peace and concentration. The students are the most inclined to fall into the temptation to do something else and leave the book for the next day or month. In the last years, technology has significantly contributed to students‘ destruction from book and learning habits. They rather take their phones, hanging on the Instagram and Facebook, while college suffers and the anxiety comes up.

Decrement in academic performance

One of the impacts of daily stress appears to be the worst performance at the classes and exams. It could appear that students have learned the material perfectly, but stress and anxiety from failure leave a huge track to the learning process. In that way, students fall to represent all the possibilities they have by leaving exams for the next time or getting lower grades. The stress can even imply that students who were among the best in the class have the problem to get back self-confidence.

Harder to learn and grasp new concepts

The stress also has the impact on student’s possibility to understand new subjects and ideas. They need more time to solve simple questions and to learn some data. It appears to be very distracting especially for students who study complicated topics as finance or engineering.

Difficult to pay attention in classroom

One of the most common reasons for the decrement in performance is the impossibility to focus during the classes. It could happen that students have some private or family problems and that stress does not let them stay concentrated. In that sense, they need an additional consultation with professors, more time for learning and more anxiety. There are even reports that some students use Peak Nootropics Piracetam to keep their attention during lessons. This habit could have serious consequences on students future as this kind of medicaments are not still well-researched and so are its impact on the cognitive function of the students.

Effect on communication with friends and teachers

The stress has an immeasurable impact on communication with teachers and colleagues. It could happen that students withdraw in themselves and stay away from the usual companion. In that way, students stay alone with no one talking with them, which leads to even higher anxiety. That said, it is not weird, that in university colleagues we can hear many stories about students who committed suicides or about individuals who make the attack on other students. This behavior is obviously connected with the stress, feeling of isolation and solitude. From the other side, that's the reason why all teachers and other students should help their colleagues to overcome this kind of problems.

Strategies for teachers to help student mental health

To avoid negative examples and consequences among students, teachers should take responsibility for their performance and behavior. There are some techniques that teachers should develop in order to help students to have better performance and results on the exams.

-     The first solution in this process should be the flexible environment for each student. All students should have equal treatment no matter of performance and preferences. Teachers should give to a student an equal chance to excel and to develop his possibilities and knowledge.

-    Additionally, teachers must educate students about time management problems and how to deal with a lack of the time and stress about learning.

   - Last, but not least students should exercise a lot to recuperate positive energy for new challenges at the University. It will help them to improve mental state, but also to feel more energized for new opportunities and chances.  We recommend simple exercises like yoga, breath practices, long walks in the park and meditation.

Published by Angela Macknize