Perfection: what does that really mean or does it even exist? Who determines is something or someone is perfect? Are we constantly judged by our families, friends, colleagues - society? And if yes, then why? There are million of people out there in the World, all unique and different - why do we push ourselves to be perfect, when no one really knows what it means. Are we that inclined to chase something that can never be reached?

This is why I think perfection is overrated:

Working environment:

In the working environment we strive to be better and to complete the job at our best. Trust me, all that is expected of you at work is to do your job well. The unnecessary stress of being absolutely and utterly perfect leads you more often to damaging your own health rather than proving to your managers that they have done the right by hiring you. Sadly, there is a fraction of companies out there who would actually appreciate your dedication; most companies would take you for granted. It is also ok to make mistakes sometimes, nobody is perfect and mistakes make us human. A little imperfection makes you a perfect fit for your job, always remember that.


Now this one is has become overly overrated, no thanks to the media, magazines and photoshop. Girls wanting to look like models and putting in jeopardy their health and boys pumping protein and spending hours at the gym to look well, perfect. Honestly, it is not an easy job to define a perfect look and whoever took responsibility for that is not doing a great job. The way one person looks is very personal and what is beautiful or perfect to me, may make absolutely no sense to you! Why are we so pressured to look perfect all the time? Someone smart once told me: "the part of your body that you like the least, makes you more beautiful than you know it, because it is unique". And from that day on, I have kept this in mind that imperfections bring out our beauty.


There is nothing like the pressure of being a perfect daughter or a perfect son. Always having to be there for each other, can take up a lot of energy and time, especially if one feels like this is an obligation rather than does it out of their own will. As much as family should be appreciated it has to come from your heart. You cannot train one person to be a perfect son, but you can be a good son and genuinely be part of your family in a way that makes your mother smile, and your father proud. Remember: as long as it comes from your heart, you are doing a great job and sometimes being a little bit imperfect won't hurt you.


Perfect friendships. Perfect best friend. How far can friendships go? Has it ever happened to you that your perfect best friend suddenly turned out to be just a person you used to know? Have you ever broken a friendship because of one mistake? Being a perfect friend is not easy, and honestly, I prefer a real friend over a perfect one anytime. A real friend: who tells me the truth even when I don't feel like facing it, who will understand me when I have made a mistake and who knows that friendship is not just smiles and laughter, but there is a little bit of sadness, tough times, mistakes and apologies. A perfect friendship is entirely imperfect.


When it comes to love - nothing is perfect. The timing for one thing is definitely never perfect. There is no right time to fall in love or fall out of it. Love always come unexpectedly and we don't chose the one we love - it is all about the interpersonal chemistry. Sometimes the one we love is perfect for us but doesn't fall under the definition of "perfect" for our families and friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - it is your life and your choice to make. Funny, how we think that we have a choice when it comes to love. It just strikes our hearts and takes us on a rollercoaster journey! Love is anything but perfect, it is messy, vulnerable and requires both people to be completely honest and open with each other. And that my friends, is no picture perfect. The beauty of any relationship lies in its imperfections.

So if you are going through life, thinking that you have to push yourself to be absolutely perfect, just stop for a second and think: perfection - what does that really mean or does it even exist? Who determines is something or someone is perfect?

Published by Karina Saakyan