Having a long procession for the wedding entourage might get tedious for some of the guests who are not part of it however some would love watching the splendors of those who are part of the entrance, especially watching over the cute, adorable and very young flower girls dressed in their fairytale inspired toddler flower girl dresses.

Flower girls are the youngest members of the bridal party and they play important roles during the wedding. Amongst the roles are the following:

  • Lead the Bride Forward

Flower girls are often referred to as the small version of the bride and so they are usually dressed in white flower girl dresses. For some weddings nowadays, a bride will just choose a mini bride who will hold a mini bouquet and wear a white or ivory flower girl dress and have the rest of the flower girls wear dresses which have the same color as the color theme.

In addition, these adorable princesses usually precede the bride while scattering rose petals along the bridal path. Once the flower girls and the mini bride reach the front area, the bride now starts to walk down the aisle following the path, where the flower petals were scattered. The flower petals that were scattered along the bridal path represents the blessings of prosperity and fertility, the bride will walk on to once pronounced as the official wife of the groom.

  • Symbolize the Bride’s Innocence When She was a Child



Every one of us, including the bride was also once a baby, a toddler and a growing beautiful girl during the early stages of life. Having flower girls ranging from one to ten will remind her of her childhood days and her innocence from those ages. The way the little princesses walk down the aisle and how they scatter the flowers would really make someone smile, which includes the lovely bride. The sight of it is just so adorable and so cute to look at.

  • Display the Role as a Mother and a Wife Coming Forward

Biblically, the main reason of getting married or being united is to “go and multiply.” This verse is one of the favorite verses during weddings which some officiating ministers highlight during the wedding ceremony as this literally means having a family and that includes a mother, father and their children. Hence, these lovely flower girls, ring bearers, coin bearers and bible bearers would display their roles as the coming couple’s children whilst displaying the role of the bride as a mother soon and a soon to be wife to the groom.

Traditionally, the image of a flower girl on weddings also depicts the bride’s purity for romance and fertility with marriage.

Conclusion: The above are some important roles a flower girl plays during weddings meanwhile this should not affect your decision as a bride if you are decided not to have flower girls during your wedding. Being a bride, it could be tough to do the wedding planning hence having a simple yet a happy and a memorable wedding is an utmost significance.





Published by Erika Rhea