The world is full of working and accomplished individuals, it has turned into a need for us to be well educated to be successful. Individuals have turned out to be proficient, and everyone is searching for opportunities, and this has changed the concept which Indians has a few years back.

Earlier the standard board of education was CBSE, and most parents wanted to enroll their wards in a CBSE board school since CBSE prepares kids for central universities. However, now looking at the present scenario parents want to give their children the best education so that they can stay competitive and thus look for the best international schools in Mumbai.

 Education is vital for one and all to lead a happy life and prosperous life. Knowledge can help one enjoy the privileges and good things the world has in store for them. A good job, a good social reputation, a secured future are some of the many benefits of education. Education is what helps you realize your dreams and ambitions. Training saves you from being exploited or cheated or getting fooled. It gives you knowledge about things and situations around you. Education helps in raising the economic state of the individual and the nation.

However, the traditional board is not preferred as much as new age education board in today's world. Traditional education mostly focuses on theoretical knowledge. Traditional education celebrates the “scoring system.”  This teaching method focuses mainly on the theoretical part of learning, and it is mostly known as ‘copy-paste’ learning. Since the lessons are theory oriented, there are fewer chances of interaction, discussions, and participation among students in a class.

The lack of involvement and discussion leads to the negative impact on students since it reduces the chances of feedback or context clarification during lectures and classes. Last but not least, teaching theory without putting it on life situations may cause students to lose interest in their studies since the system considers him/her just as a number in the class and not a valuable person who can contribute with useful ideas for the community.

New age education focuses on intercultural understanding and overall development of a student. IB follows the new age education system. The parent can look for online school admission form the school’s website. “IB programme frameworks can work effectively with national curricula at all ages; more than 50% of IB World Schools are state-funded.”

The IB's programmes are different from other curricula programs because of -

  • IB programme encourages students of all age to think critically and challenge themselves.

  • IB provides high-quality programmes of education, which support the development of knowledge in students.

  • IB programme gives a worldwide network of highly respected IB World Schools, also working together to share best practice.

  • IB programme encourages students of all ages to consider local and global contexts at the same time.

  • IB programme helps students to learn different languages that can be used in foreign universities.

  • The IB extensively focuses on vocation development of the child to ensure employability and a sound career.

  • IB schools are involved within a global community, which creates frequent opportunities for learning, sharing, developing and collaboration with one and all.

  • IB programme teaches students how to manage skills and how to motivate themselves strongly. It builds a spirit of wellbeing for the fellow classmates and to society as well. The curriculum also includes serving the society and adding value to it in the same capacity as derived from it.

  • IB programme develops civic engagement interest  among students.

  • IB programme gives a reliable reading, research and writing skills in students with the help of activities and classroom structure followed.

  • IB programme gives critical thinking and analyzing abilities to ensure rational decision-making ability in the child.

Published by Marko Clark