Understanding SEO is essential for any online website owner whether it is for business or entertainment. However, there are some website owners out there who are yet to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps your business website rank well on search engine thus boosting the number of visitors and conversion rate as well. However, with over 200 factors determining how your site ranks on search engines getting on the first or second page of search results can prove to be confusing. With proper SEO you do not have to worry since your site will appear for most search terms. So the big question is: How does SEO work?

Use of web crawlers

Search engines usually send out web crawlers that help them to locate and index websites. Website crawlers are automated robots that navigate the internet looking for new websites, web pages or content. When the robots find new content or websites they scan them to learn as much as they can about them. To enable the web crawlers to find your site and indexed it correctly you have to:

1.    Ensure that the web crawlers can read your website code

2.    Optimize your website using the best SEO tools and techniques

3.    Set up a site map that directs the web crawlers to your site any time you make changes

Use of search engine algorithms

Once the web crawlers have learned about your website, they usually send the information they acquire to search the search engines which use defined algorithms to index your site. Every search engine including Yahoo, Google and Bing have its unique algorithm for indexing websites. However, its highly recommended that you consider optimizing your website for Google search engine since it constitutes over 80% of all search results made worldwide.  

Google is known for updating its algorithm regularly but the ones considered as the most important include

Penguin- This a special Google tool that helps to ensure that the website owners do not go against webmaster guidelines. In the early stages of Google search engine, webmasters could tweak their sites to manipulate web crawlers so that their sites could rank on the first page of search engines. This was a black hat and unethical technique that lead to poor quality of search results. Penguin updates help to identify such techniques and penalize your site by pushing it back in search results or blacklist your site. The penguin helps to ensure only sites that have been optimized by legitimate methods appear on search engines hence improving the quality of search results.

Panda- This a Google update that ensures that only high-quality websites appear on the first pages of Google search results. Panda usually prevents thin content or content without value from ranking high on search results. Normally, sites with thin contents are usually intended for sending traffic to other websites or monetized traffic for pop-up Ads.

Mobile responsiveness- With about half of all Google searches being made on mobile devices; Google has placed measures to ensure that mobile users also get the best search results. Unresponsive mobile website results in a high bounce rate due to poor user experience. To reduce the bounce rates, Google requires that a website should be mobile friendly for it to appear on the first page

If your website is yet to appear on the first pages of Google searches, you should start using the best SEO tools and techniques that will help you realize your dream faster than you can imagine.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne