Sari is known as to be one of the most appealing gorgeous traditional Indian garments. While adorning yourself with beautifully designed sari the need to match it with perfect blouse is essential to portray your best shapely looks.

Even though there are several types of trendy blouses available in readymade market having customised blouses will help in blending with your upper body shape and arms. To have stitched blouse, you need to understand the kind of blouse patterns that will suit your body figure.

Noting few tips to select the blouse patterns suitable for your body shape:

  • Ladies with small bust: Often young girls and slim ladies feel that the blouses don’t make them look sexier. The issue can be eliminated by wearing front padded blouses.
  • Ladies with small height: They can always opt for halter blouses, off shoulder blouses, sleeveless blouses; cap sleeves blouses and spaghetti blouses. Wearing sari along with fashionable blouse and adorning high inched sandals is a perfect party wear.  
  • Fat ladies: Best to wear full sleeves or quarter length sleeves blouses. You can have low cut backs designed with lace borders length sleeves.  
  • Ladies with broad shoulder: High collared blouse having bare backs, can wear boat shaped necks and even bishop’s sleeves blouses will be perfect to enhance the look of your shapely shoulders while wearing saris.
  • Fully embroidered full sleeved blouses: This ethnic style is best to be combined with all kind of silk saris usually worn in weddings.

Noting few popular neck designs for blouses:


  • Square or rectangle shaped neckline:  Quite common one usually designed for above the elbow sleeved blouses. Even short women can look sexy when they wear low cut square neckline blouse.
  • Oval or boat shaped neck borders: Best for broad shouldered ladies preferring to show their well shaped body. The neckline is usually designed with strings of pearls or stones. Short necked women can even try combining the neck shape with low cut back.
  • High collared V shaped necklines: This neckline pattern blends well with quarterly sleeves blouses, especially designed for tall women. It is mostly worn by north Indian ladies during wintry season. It helps in portraying a sober and simple look.

Useful notes to wear perfect shapely blouses:

The shape of the blouses purely depends upon the upper body size of its wearer. Hence tailor made blouses are more preferred than ready to wear ones. If you are deciding designer blouses for your wedding make sure that the blouse or choli should be equally appealing like your sari or lehanga.

If you prefer to wear spaghetti or noodle strapped blouses attach on the strap, a string pearls or sparkling stones that matches the colour of the sari. Spaghetti strap sleeve isn’t for ladies heavier, at the top.  

While wearing netted sleeves blouses, make sure to hide your flabby arms and it is perfectly well stitched. It’s best to customise all blouse sleeves types to know which one suit your shapely figure better and is the right one for your wedding. 

Published by Nirdesh Singh