How do I land on a reliable, honest, qualified attorney?

This is a mindboggling question that bothers many people even within the legal profession. However, if you look a little further and through careful interrogation of information, it should be for you a simple process with little or hurdles. To get the light of all this, most democratic nations that observe the rule of law have vibrant legal associations. In such states, lawyers are vocal and play a key role in public affairs. These organizations are therefore public entities and access to information is easy.

That is just a faint hint, but there are quite a number of ways to crack this question. Here are some helpful tips.

Ask for Referrals; Online and Offline

There are many instances in life when the first instincts that came to you when looking for a solution are to ask a friend. Right? Do the same when looking for a lawyer. Check through family and friends to see whether someone knows of a lawyer somewhere.

Also, turn to the web for solutions. Most states today allow lawyers to advertise their services. In addition, a list of dully permitted and registered lawyers is information for the public domain. Some of them are so thorough that they can actually indicate lots of helpful background information such as experience, education, success rate and so on. Depending on the nature of your case, sometimes the options you will have are overwhelming.

Get a Personal Engagement with A lawyer to Build Trust and Confidence

So much is communicated in a face-to-face meeting that you can easily and quickly judge from such an engagement. It is through such an engagement that you get to familiarize with the lawyer and build a relationship that develops into trust which is necessary for the case at hand.

In addition, knowing the physical address of a legal professional helps to further gauge them. Perhaps the slogan “sloppy look, sloppy work” is far more applicable in the legal profession. Medicine would follow closely as you would lose confidence in a physician who doesn’t look the part. True to this observation, the physical location of a legal entity speaks rather loudly about their ability to speak for you in a legal presentation. It is possible for this element to be false but there are equally higher chances that a lawyer’s office in a high-end part of town will fetch a higher hourly billing.

Scrutinize Qualifications Carefully

The legal profession is one that upholds some of the highest qualifications ranging from personal attributes, education among others. When choosing a lawyer, carefully study their qualifications as this will help you understand and even judge their ability to represent you. Whereas academic qualifications are a good part of this scrutiny, they are just a small part of the entire process. Your analysis should expand to areas such as their experience, association with fellow learned friends, as well as character analysis which can best be described by clients the lawyer has worked with before.

Personal dignity, integrity, and even empathy should be on the list of attributes to look out for. No matter how good a person may act to hide their weaknesses, frequent engagements will expose them. In one way or the other, you will be able to weigh such attributes.

Let the Terms of Engagements be Crystal Clear

The unfortunate tag line that emphasizes how hard it is to find an honest lawyer can only be wished away. However, it has been and seemingly will be around for a long time. It stems out of the perception and in some cases, the queer deliberate habit of lawyers hiding the devil in the details of their cryptic language. Unfortunately, this has been used to defraud too many people.

 Litigation Experts Boss Lawyers advise that before you get into an engagement with an attorney, let the terms be crystal clear and put in writing. The kind of information you are looking at here is things like hourly billing and even the share percentage in cases of damage payments.

Read and understand the contract before signing. Ask the relevant questions until you are satisfied. It does no harm to ask for assistance from a more qualified person at this point.


The ride through the corridors of justice is quite often not an amusing thing. It is one that you would rather avoid in a lifetime. However, if by chance you have to face it and you seek the services of a lawyer, approach it like you would an employee-employer interview because basically, that’s what it is. Precisely and professionally ask the right questions, poke holes and applaud where necessary. After all, what you are after is excellent services and this will cost you resources. Luckily though many jurisdictions have put in place measures that hold lawyers with the utmost dignity and are expected to live to these standards.   

Published by Johanne Cosihan