If you’re thinking of travelling to Palm Springs this year, you’ve made an excellent choice. Not only is the resort in the middle of the desert making a quiet and relaxing place to spend your time but it’s also child-friendly and features several other enjoyable activities. But before you get online and start looking at the Palm Springs vacation rentals, check out the following travel tips to help make the right decisions.

Avoid Visiting in the Summer

Those who live in California or in the interior of the United States will understand this tip. Summer temperatures are especially hot in Palm Springs. It's so hot that you should expect pretty much every day to be at or around 40°C. This has two major disadvantages for the holidaymaker. First, it’s quite hard to go sightseeing and get the most out of your trip when the temperatures outside are too hot. Second, high temperatures and scorching sunshine can quickly lead to dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke. The best time to visit is in spring and late autumn.

Make the Most out of the Natural Beauty

The location of Palm Springs in the middle of the desert makes it ideal to get out and explore nature. Head a short distance away from the city and you’ll find desert trails, the Joshua Trees National Park, canyons and the San Andreas Fault Line. Enthusiastic tourists can join a tour that takes them to fully experience the wonders of this environment. More active visitors will rent a bike and cycle along desert trails or hike through the canyons. When you’re in Palm Springs, don’t neglect the natural paradise that you’re surrounded by. Instead, be sure to get out and about at least a few times to appreciate the landscape and environment.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Tour

A quick search online will find a list of tour companies offering excursions. Some have day trips and will take you to the major attractions such as the Aerial Tramway, canyons and the celebrity houses. Others provide the chance to ride off-road in a 4x4 jeep along desert trails into the heart of the state. Both tours are worth considering especially if you’re travelling with children or teens. Self-driving to some of the attractions is worthwhile, but they might lack the value a guide would offer in terms of context.

Get a Bicycle

One of the highlights in Palm Springs for outdoor enthusiasts is the ability to cycle from one place to the next along safe and traffic-free streets. Renting a bike in Palm Springs and cycling around Downtown is a favoriteactivity for some of the holidaymakers. Exploring the resort city from the saddle give you both freedom and a fresh perspective. And if you really want to have a bit of an adventure, follow the roads into the desert. Pack plenty of water and avoid cycling too far when the temperatures are hot.

Visit the Casinos

There are several casinos in Palm Springs providing entertainment for holidaymakers. Some are worth visiting to spend an hour or two and also to make the most of the air-conditioned interior. But, if you do choose to head to one of Palm Springs’s casinos, don’t spend all of your time inside. First, you’ll miss out on the other opportunities to explore more of the desert city. Second, nobody wants to blow all their money on the first night. There are a lot of things going on in Palm Springs, and the casinos are worth a visit for the experience. But it’s a good idea to spend only a short amount of time inside!

Pool Parties

Did you know that Palm Springs is famous for its pool parties? In some of the resorts, the revelers come out to dive into the huge mid-century pools as the sun starts to set. Bikinis and speedos are mandatory, and alcohol flows like water from a burst pipe. World-class DJs will blast music while everyone has a wonderful time in and around the pool. If this is something that appeals to you, search online to find the best spots. But, those looking for a quiet retreat or are travelling to Palm Springs with kids should double check the resorts and read recent reviews before making any bookings. Nothing can be worse than turning up to find you’re in a very active resort when you don’t want to be.

Expect High Travel Costs

Palm Springs is an expensive tourist destination. The level of comfort and luxury in the resorts, hotels and retreats are worth the costs. But, just how much a trip here will cost can sometimes catch people off guard. It can be quite depressing to find that you have spent thousands of dollars more than expected for a one week vacation. And it can be effortless to overspend when you consider the variety of activities readily available to tourists. And not to mention the diversity of food and cuisines at world-class restaurants. Do a bit of research into the expected costs and add a further 30% onto what you think you’ll spend. This way you won’t return home with any nasty surprises on the credit card!

Now You Know, It’s Time to Plan

Now that you have the basics about travelling to Palm Springs and know what to expect, get online and start finding the perfect resort or vacation rental for you. You certainly won’t regret your decision. Who knows, you might end up bumping into your favorite celebrity in one of the bars or at the pool party!

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