No matter how sophisticated, mature and intelligent you are, women will only notice your appearance the first time. Here are five common mistakes most guys will commit when dressing. Do you do them?

It's certain that women pay huge attention to your personality, charisma, and character, but they tend also to put high attention to your appearance too.

By appearance, I don't mean that women would like men to look like movie stars but there are some things which will be highly essential to her.

Here are the five most common mistakes guys will do when robe dentelle The biggest mistake is that most guys put too much effort while dressing.

For example, you see them buying high priced tuxedos or designer clothes that cost a small fortune in order to impress women.

This will have the opposite effect; women will see these guys as too serious and sometimes compensating for their lack of self-confidence.

The second mistake most guys will commit is they dress for others.

This is a common mistake among guys. He will buy a t-shirt which is too tight and uncomfortable to show his muscles.

He will choose to wear clothes he doesn't like because he thinks it will influence women's opinion of him.

This is the wrong attitude towards dressing.

You should take a girl with you when you want to buy clothes; she will help you choose what best fits you and you have to take cloths you like best and which appeals to women too.

The third mistake is that most guys forget about essential details.

By essential details, I mean that most guys won't pay attention to their socks colors, their belt design and the most important, their shoes.

Shoes are the most essential detail.

For a woman, shoes will reflect a lot of elements about you, if you take good care of yourself or not, your personality, whether you take care of details or not...

The fourth mistake is they put too much cologne or no cologne at all.

If you want women to notice you, put on a great cologne that fits you.

Some men tend to forget about their body orders and this is truly a killer mistake.

Women pay too much attention to your body odor, don't leave this detail unchecked.

Your smell is very important, use a cologne that suits you. Take a girl with you when you want to shop for one, they will help you choose what best suits your skin tone and character.

The fifth mistake is they try to peacock the wrong way.

Peacocking is a method used by guys to attract women. It involves wearing different outfits that will get women to notice them.

The problem with this is that most guys tend to overdo it.

They will wear big sunglasses in clubs or restaurants, shiny ridiculous t-shirts, big ugly hats, and even high heels boots...

Women will see them as putting too much effort.

If you want to peacock, choose an outfit you like and get into your best attitude.

Women will notice you immediately.

Published by Rose bella